5 Tips for Helping Students Prepare for Online Exams

5 Tips For Helping Students Prepare For Online Exams

Online exams are both a challenge and an opportunity for students in many ways. The challenges arise from students adjusting to studying in a new way and being assessed by someone not present in the classroom.

The opportunities for remote exams lie in the motivation and convenience of students and teachers.

See below for tips to help students prepare for online exams by using their time wisely and making the most of the challenges.

1. Creating a Productive Study Environment

Creating a productive study environment for students is integral to helping them prepare for online exams. First, ensuring the online student has a comfortable and quiet workspace is essential. Eliminating distractions like cell phones, television, and other devices can help them concentrate and focus.

Providing organizational tools like time-tracking apps and calendars helps students stay on top of their workload. Utilizing rewards like snacks or breaks can keep students motivated.

Finally, provide access to online resources and actionable assessment. Access real-time data reports for use in strategic planning and decision-making that may be put into practice to improve student results. 

2. Staying Organized with Technology

It includes using the appropriate software, setting reminders, and developing a plan. Try using a calendar-based app such as Google Calendar to keep track of deadlines and scheduled exams. Also, create to-do lists of tasks and deadlines with a task manager such as Wunderlist.

Consider setting up notifications to remind you of upcoming deadlines as they approach. Utilize the cloud to store reading material and any notes you create to study. Lastly, develop an organized plan for preparing for the exam. 

3. Taking Effective Notes

Encouraging them to create organized, focused, concise notes can help ensure they retain the most information. Please encourage students to review the information they’ve covered in class and note any topics relevant to the online exam. Please let them leave out any irrelevant material, making their notes easy to review.

For more tangible notes, suggest that students use pen and paper or create a mind map when studying. These messages can be quickly referenced, allowing a more thorough understanding of complex topics. 

4. Leveraging Study Groups

Ensure the group establishes a list of topics and questions before the exam. Encourage members to hold each other accountable and take turns quizzing each other. Create a plan for how the group will communicate near the exam date to review content.

Allow them to collaborate by sharing notes and teaching each other complex concepts. Encourage students to engage in a practice exam. Lastly, ensure an open communication channel where students can ask questions and receive clarification. 

5. Optimizing Sleep Routines

Students need to create a consistent routine and a healthy sleep cycle. Setting a regular bedtime and wake-up time that accounts for getting at least 8 hours of sleep is essential. Naps should also be a reasonable length and taken each day simultaneously.

It is also essential to avoid caffeine and any stimulating activities right before bed. Before going to sleep, it is necessary to ensure the space utilized for sleeping is comfortable and dark and that any screens are turned off. 

Follow These Tips to Prepare for Online Exams

By following these tips, students can confidently approach their online exams and achieve great success. Creating a study schedule, reducing distractions, taking practice tests, and using technology to help are all beneficial practices to help students study and do their best.

With the proper preparation, students can be well-equipped to succeed in their upcoming online examinations. Try out these tips today and achieve your best!

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