5 Tips For Helping Students Prepare For Online Exams

5 Tips for Helping Students Prepare for Online Exams

Online exams are both a challenge and an opportunity for students in many ways. The challenges arise from students adjusting to studying in a new way and being assessed by…

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Online Proctoring Ensuring That Students Can Sit Assessments Remotely

Online Proctoring Ensuring that Students Can Sit Assessments Remotely

With remote working and e-commerce industries ever flourishing, even the education sector has been digitized in recent years. Education providers are now taking advantage of cost-effective solutions enabling pupils to…

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5 Majors For Students Who Don'T Know What To Study

5 Majors for Students Who Don’t Know What To Study

Preparing for college can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a solid plan for your education yet. Don’t beat yourself up: There’s nothing wrong with needing a little extra…

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