5 Tips on Choosing a Headhunter for Your Job Search

Headhunter for Your Job Search

The current unemployment rate in the US sits at 6%, with nearly 10 million Americans out of work. In other parts of the world, the rates are even higher.

Whether you’re out of work or looking for a new position, choosing a headhunter can be the deciding factor in your professional future. But with so many types of jobs (and types of recruiting agencies) out there, how do you know where to start?

In this post, we’ll help you understand where to find headhunters that will connect you with the best available positions in your field. Read on to learn more!

1. Know What You Want

This may sound obvious, but many people begin their job hunt without a clear goal in mind. They may have an outdated resume, no long-term career goals, or both.

Don’t be that candidate. Before you Google “choosing a headhunter,” you first need to make sure you have a polished, up-to-date resume. The best headhunter in the world won’t be able to help you if they don’t have a clear idea of who you are (and what you’re looking for).

Be ready to explain your background, your education, and your previous work experience. Share your strengths and skills, along with your professional goals for the future.

2. Check Online Recruiting Directories

Any reputable headhunter will have a solid internet presence. Use an online database to seek out recruiters by location, keyword, and niche.

Are you a member of a professional organization? Call and ask if they can provide a list of headhunters that specialize in your field or industry.

3. Browse Networking Sites

LinkedIn and similar professional networking sites can be a gold mine of opportunities to find a good recruiter. Use the keyword search feature to narrow your search to your locale or niche.

Another easy way to network is to ask your professional connections for referrals. Who helped them find their current position? Who does their company use to bring in new talent?

4. Ask Plenty of Questions

Once you’ve found a possible recruiter, email them and introduce yourself. When you schedule a meeting, be prepared not only to answer questions but to ask your own.

How long have they been recruiting? Do they see any gaps or potential issues with your resume? How will they market you and your skillset to potential employers?

5. Remember Who They Work For

It may seem like you’re “hiring” a headhunter to work for you, but that’s not the case. In reality, the headhunter works for their client (the employer) to match the right person to each position.

If you aren’t an ideal match for what the employer is working for, the recruiter’s allegiance will remain with the company, not you. That said, headhunters generally receive a commission off your starting salary, so they can be a powerful ally when you’re ready to negotiate.

Need Help Choosing a Headhunter?

References and reviews are a good start, but to land your dream job, you’ll need the help of a professional recruiter. Bookmark this article and refer back to it when you’re choosing a headhunter to help in your job search.

Good Luck!

Now that you know where to find headhunters, what’s next? Our site has more great tips and advice for you, so stick around and keep browsing!

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