5 Truck Accident Case Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Truck Accident Case Mistakes

Did you know that commercial trucks make up 14.4% of all registered vehicles in the United States? Although it doesn’t seem like a high percentage, it’s very possible to get into an accident involving a truck.

Trucks move freight by weight so crashing into one is likely to cause injury. If you were injured at no fault of your own, it’s important to follow the right steps to receive compensation.

Keep reading to learn truck accident case mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Filing a Police Report

Without a filed police report with details of the truck accident, an insurance adjuster could claim that you were partially at fault for the crash.

A police report includes valuable information used to determine truck accident compensation. For example, it will include eyewitness statements and their contact information.

The reporting officers will determine what they believe caused the crash and write it in the report which could positively impact your case.

2. Not Hiring an Attorney

One of the worst truck accident case mistakes you can make is not having a lawyer who will back you up. Many people believe that they can handle a case on their own, but this can lead to dangerous consequences.

An experienced truck accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. It’s harder to obtain a verdict in your favor without an attorney.

You can find a professional truck accident lawyer at goldenstateaccidentlawyers.com.

3. Not Vising the Doctor

Even if you don’t believe you suffered a truck accident injury, it’s important to visit a medical professional. Some truck accident injuries don’t show up right away.

If you avoid or prolong gett ing medical help, it could hurt your claim.

When visiting a medical professional, get a written opinion on your injuries. These medical records will serve as evidence that you were injured in the accident.

4. Relying on Insurance Adjusters

If you show medical records to your insurance adjuster, you should have a shot at a fair claim. However, insurance companies and adjusters are notorious for lowballing the injured.

The goal of an insurance adjuster is to pay out as little as possible.

It’s important not to rely on their records because they could be incomplete or inaccurate. This is why a lot of cases rely on the help of a lawyer who has your best interest in mind.

5. Quick Settlements

It can be difficult to calculate how much a truck accident claim is worth, but that is why you should hire a lawyer to help!

When talking to your lawyer, they will likely tell you not to take the first settlement offer from your insurance company. Don’t feel pressured by the other side to accept a quick and low settlement.

Unless your attorney advises you differently, don’t settle until there is enough information to make an informed decision on how much the claim is worth.

Truck Accident Case Mistakes to Avoid

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, call the police so that they can file a report and then speak with an experienced truck accident lawyer.

Attorneys can help you avoid these common truck accident case mistakes. They will use your medical records to support your claim so that you don’t have to rely on an insurance adjuster.

Lawyers will also help you receive a fair settlement and prevent you from taking something quick and unfair for you. For more legal blogs like this, check out our other posts.

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