6 Impactful Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

With all the gloom and doom associated with climate change, there is a bit of good news. Energy usage in the U.S. hasn’t really changed in the last 20 years despite economic and population growth. 

With the push for energy efficiency, Americans were able to do things like run the dishwasher, turn on the lights, and cool their homes in a way that used less energy. 

In addition to using energy-efficient products, it’s important to conserve energy as well whether you’re at home or at work. 

Do you want to increase your bottom line? Reduce your energy consumption and educate your employees on energy usage in a commercial setting. Keep reading to learn some energy-saving strategies. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance on Your HVAC and Other Office Equipment

Regular maintenance from heating repair Las Vegas helps equipment run more efficiently and use less energy. Filters might be clogged, coils may be dusty, old or damaged parts have to work harder. All of these problems cause equipment to require more energy to run. 

Light Reflecting Paint 

Hire an industrial painting specialist to paint the walls and ceilings of your building with light-reflecting colors to improve visibility which will, in turn, reduce energy usage. 

Also, a light color exterior paint will reflect the sunlight rather than absorb it, pulling the heat away from the building. 

Perform an Energy Audit 

You can either perform an energy audit yourself or hire a consultant to evaluate the energy usage in your commercial building. This type of audit finds areas where you can improve and ways to reduce your energy consumption. 

Train Employees on Energy-Saving Habits 

Sometimes employees don’t worry about turning off electronics or the lights when they’re not paying the electric bill. Teach them to be energy conscious and get into the habit of turning things off when not in use. 

LED Lighting 

Do you know how to save up to 60% on your electrical costs due to lighting? LED lighting uses less energy and lasts up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. 

The light is cleaner and crisper which has an impact on the overall workplace setting. 

Office Set-Up

Make use of natural light by setting up work stations near windows. Install skylights to allow maximum daylight coming in to illuminate the building so you rely less on artificial lighting that consumes energy.

The skylights will also allow hot air to escape during the warmer months of the year. 

Need to Reduce Your Energy Consumption? Follow Our Energy-Saving Tips

Now that you know how to reduce your energy consumption, you can begin to make necessary changes based on your commercial building energy audit. It may be as simple as making some repairs to your HVAC or other equipment so that they’re running efficiently. 

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