Tableau Interview Questions – You Must Know in 2021

Tableau Interview Questions - You Must Know in 2021

The training of data visualization has blessed us bridge the gap between the human and a machine to mediate analytical insight in a way that is productive. Almost half of the best 500 companies have started tableau that is using. So that the demand for tableau professionals are increasing through the years. So, then learn the Tableau from Mindmajix is the right platform, in the first place should you want to start your job in data visualization. 

We have compiled here frequently asked Tableau Interview Questions and Answers. The questions presented in this blog are gathered on the basis of the opinion of tableau experts.

To make it easy and format that is understandable we have split these questions into three groups such as Basic, Experienced and Real-time.

Basic questions

1. What is TABLEAU?

Ans: Tableau could be the powerful and fastest device that is visualizing is employed in the Business Intelligence(BI) Industry. It simplifies the raw data into a structure that is understandable. The visualizations could be created within the as a type of dashboards. The visualizations or representation that is diagrammatic of can easily be understood by the employees who are at different levels. 

2. Exactly what are the file size limitations with Tableau?

Ans: file sizes don’t matter here. And moreover, there isn’t any column or row limit to import the information.

3. List out Tableau File Extensions.

Ans: known few extensions in Tableau:

1.    Tableau Workbook (.twb)

2.    Tableau Data extract (.tde)

3.    Tableau Datasource (.tds)

4.    Tableau Packaged Datasource (.tdsx)

5.    Tableau Bookmark (.tbm)

6.    Tableau Map Source (.tms)

7.    Tableau Packaged Workbook (.twbx) – zip file.twb that is containing external files.

8.    Tableau choices (.tps)

4. Exactly what is the version that is latest of Tableau Desktop?

Ans: Tableau Desktop variation that is latest is 2019.1(as of Feb, 14th 2019).

5. Define LOD Expression? 

Ans: LOD Expression stands for Level of Detail Expression, and it is used to operate the queries that are complex many dimensions at data sourcing level. 

6. Define Heat Map?

Ans: temperature map is just a graphical representation of information which uses the technique that is colour-coding represent different values of data. Once the marks heat up as a result of its higher value, dark color is shown on the map.

Experienced concerns

1) Exactly what are the products offered by Tableau? Explain a thing which are few them.

Ans: Tableau has 4 products which are main.

Tableau Prep: Tableau Prep is responsible for analysis. This tool provides these which provide us by having a picture that is complete of.

Tableau Desktop: Tableau Desktop is the accepted destination where the analysis happens. It features a drag that is effective drops analytics which can be super easy to make use of. Through desktop, you get your data insights quickly.

Tableau Online: Tableau Online is really a secure and self-service that is scalable cloud device. It can be used by you anywhere, when and it has eradicated the complexities of IT. 

Tableau Server: From small to enterprises which are large Tableau server is employed for fulfilling their BI requirements. It is a solution that is on-premise. This tool may take information from anywhere and shared across the organization through desktop or browsers which are mobile. 

2) Differentiate parameters and filters in Tableau

Ans: Filters will be the easier and feature that has to be good. It applies to measure directly. For example, to just show Gujarat or Karnataka in a continuing state dimension, we can apply the filter on that. In Tableau, there are multiple options that are UI for filters like radio buttons, drop-down lists, checkboxes, sliders, and more. Filters on sheets may also be available in Tableau.

Parameters are like variables. They are complex and more effective. Such as a variable, a parameter can be used in calculations. So, this means, it just allows value that is single. Parameters have same UI options except for checkboxes because checkboxes don’t have a value that is single. For example, we can create a parameter for a specific period, and then we can make use of these parameters to calculate interest and repayments which is vital.

Realtime questions

1) Are there any problem with parameters in Tableau? If yes, give details.

Ans: Tableau allows representation of parameters in four ways just. They don’t allow any values that are numerous a filter can do. They only allow a value that is single.

2) State some reasons for the performance that is low of? Explain in information.

Ans: Following are the nice cause for low performance

•    Filters – filters need to create a good question after which they can decrease the performance if it utilized in large numbers and inefficiently. Therefore, it’s advised to use filters whenever it really is mandatory

•    Live connection – Tableau extract works much better in comparison with live connection.

•    Data sources – a query that is wrong a wrong data source can lessen performance. Also data source’s performance can influence Tableau

3) State some real methods to improve the performance of Tableau.

Ans: Following are the ways being few increase the performance

•    Use an Extract to make workbooks run faster

•    Reduce the scope of information to decrease the amount of data

•    Reduce the number of marks on the view to avoid information overload

•    Try to use integers or Booleans if you are using mathematics because they are much faster than strings

•    hide fields that are unused 

•    Use Context filters

•    sheets.

These are the top TABLEAU INTERVIEW QUESTIONS that you must know.

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