6 Reasons to Take a Temporary Job in Singapore

Temporary Job

It has become very challenging to get a permanent job, especially with the pandemic. Most people have lost their jobs because of the mass layover, and others have experienced significant salary cut-offs. If you’re currently unemployed and looking for a job or you’re just looking for extra earnings, a temporary job is the best option at the moment.

Here are the reasons why you should take a temporary job

1. Flexible Work Hours

Temporary jobs offer flexible working hours, unlike the case of permanent employment. We understand that many people have schedules that can’t allow them to work all day and every day. Temporary jobs allow you to choose your working conditions, including when and how you work. If you want to take a few weeks off, you don’t have to submit holiday application forms.

The good thing about temporary jobs is that you also get the opportunity to enjoy sickness and holiday pay now that temporary workers have their rights protected.

2. A Temporary Job Can Become A Permanent Job

In most cases, temporary positions transit into permanent jobs. All you need is to work hard, have a positive attitude, behave professionally and observe punctuality. If you observe good work ethics, no employer will let you go.

3. Networking Opportunities

With a temporary job, you get the opportunity to interact with other people in the industry and grow your contact. Getting to know people in your industry will help you get a permanent job easier. Working in a temporary role enables you to get ahead of other applicants if a permanent position arises.

As you’re in a temporary job gaining skills and earnings, you get an opportunity to meet new people and grow your network. Always leave people with a good impression of you, and when an opportunity arises, they’ll think of you or even help you down the line with better opportunities.

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4. Work Experience for Your Resume

Getting a temporary job helps you avoid employment gaps in your resume. Most employers don’t like employing people with significant employment gaps. You can visit https://content.mycareersfuture.gov.sg/jobseekers-value-temporary-jobs-where-find-them/ and get a temporary role or contract job as you search for a permanent position.

5. Learn New Skills

Gaining a new skill doesn’t hurt. Temporary jobs offer great opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge. These skills can easily be transferred to other areas where you’ll work in the future. You can as well add these new skills to your resume. Even when doing the same role for different companies you broaden your skillset since most use different techniques and technologies for a similar task. For example, you may need to use different standards or learn a new software package. Having temporary roles on your resume shows that you can learn new systems easily and apply your skills for the position.

6. Earn Extra Cash

If you’re unemployed and struggling to pay for food, rent, and other basic needs, taking a temporary job can help you become stable financially. With a temporary job, you’ll be able to cater to your needs as you search for a permanent job.


Getting a temporary job is very important, especially during this pandemic period. Some of the benefits of a temporary role are earning extra income, enjoying flexible hours, networking opportunities, gaining new skills, and gaining a permanent job. You should consider a temporary job rather than staying broke and waiting for long looking for a permanent role

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