6 Tips to Help You Hire Your Next Moving Services

6 Tips to Help You Hire Your Next Moving Services

It is best to ask important questions from a moving company before you finalize a deal with them. It provides knowledge on how they perform their duties and what kind of services you can get. Moreover, it helps you to be prepared for your moving day, and performing additional research can save you from any troubles. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right moving services.

Verify Their Identity:

Many fraud businesses are not licensed to run a company. Be aware of such scams and find out a mover’s identity before you hire their services. If a moving company website does not have an address and contact number mentioned, it may not be reliable.

When you are offered a very low expense for your services, it could be a scam. Ensure to ask them for the MC (Motor Carrier) number and match it with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website. It can prove whether they are a legally registered business or not.

Know the Regulations:

When you are planning to move interstate, make sure you receive all the information regarding it. Your mover should provide you with a brochure having cost estimates and details on the interstate move.

A right moving company should also inform you about the rights and responsibilities that you hold as it can help you eradicate any hassle in the long run. Ask them about a mediation or arbitration program and what rules do they follow if an issue arises.

Make Sure Your Mover is Reachable by a Call:

The mover will be transporting your valuable items and expensive furniture, so make sure they can be reachable during the move so that you do not end up losing any item. If they do not receive your calls before the move, it may be a red flag to avoid poor services from such a company.

Make sure to get the full name of the driver, phone number, and truck number so that you can communicate without delay. Ask them to inform you if there is any change or delay in your delivery schedule.

Make Sure they are Licensed:

If you are searching for a moving business like Relo-to that can move from one state to another, it is essential that they have a DOT number. If you live in the United States, then the US DOT number is issued by the United States Department of Transportation.

You can confirm the validity of the DOT number by searching it on their official website. For relocation within the same state, moving companies should have a state license to operate legally.

Check if the Company is insured:

See their website to check if they are licensed and have a good insurance policy. If you hire uninsured movers who ride around in a truck and treat it as a side job, you may face harsh consequences if something goes wrong.

Make sure that your items are covered under a homeowner or renter policy during the move. If a moving company does not offer insurance cover, you can consider getting supplemental moving insurance.

Lookup for Complete Rates:

When you check the charges of a company, it may not represent the final bill. Make sure to ask them if there are any hidden or additional charges. The fuel charges may be included, and the rates also vary depending upon the season and day of the week. Costs tend to go higher during the peak moving season.

Some companies may not show you the complete bill and end up overcharging you. This type of behavior does not leave a good impact on the customer, and they provide unsatisfied reviews.

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