Classy and Cool: 10 Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Classy and Cool

When you want to look good as a guy, you need a few men’s wardrobe basics in your closet. From a well-made hoodie to a classy watch, you can make any outfit look better with the right choices. Do you have the key accessories and staples to make a statement with your wardrobe?

Read on to learn about 10 wardrobe essentials for men!

1. Go with a Crisp Oxford Shirt

A button-down Oxford shirt can go a long way. It can dress up a pair of jeans — and it’s been the classy choice in men’s clothing since the 19th century. Dress it down for drinks with your friends or dress it up with a blazer. 

Oxford cloth’s woven texture makes it feel comfortable to the touch. And with a light ironing session, you can make it look sharp for your work meeting. Choose from the classic white look or a range of other colors and patterns. 

2. Get the Right Trousers

One of the worst wardrobe items to hang onto is a pair of poorly fitting trousers. Pants that are too baggy or slouchy will make you look like you don’t have things together. And pants that are too short or long will look unprofessional.

Your men’s wardrobe checklist should include a pair of nice-looking trousers. These can be in a solid neutral color, like brown or gray, or something flashier — like burnt orange or green. Go with corduroy or cotton, and wear them rather than jeans for an updated look.

3. Do You Have New Dress Shoes?

While it’s popular to wear athletic shoes with khakis or cords, you should have a pair of dress shoes on hand for dressier occasions. A basic pair of black or brown lace-up leather shoes will step up your look for a night out.  Read more about Kanye West Merch.

Go with an ombre color fade or white soles for a more modern or casual style. Try boots, like chukkas, for a sturdier shoe that you can wear to work or the pub.

4. A Fresh White T-Shirt Can Go a Long Way

When you’re stocking up on summertime essentials, add a white t-shirt to your list. Light-colored shirts can look faded or stained after a long summer of wear, so it’s wise to refresh your t-shirt collection each season.

White t-shirts look clean and classic paired with blue jeans and boots. But for other types of t-shirts that will elevate your look, visit You’ll love the tag-free fit and understated look. 

5. Wardrobe Essentials for Men Must Include a Hoodie

For those days where you want to dress down, do it in style. A baggy, oversized hoodie can look sloppy. But one with a trimmer cut or full-zip option will let you be at your casual best.

What’s one of the best men’s style tips? Invest in a well-made hoodie in a solid color. It will be your go-to wardrobe item for football games and trips to the cider mill. 

6. Henleys Are the Ideal Weekend Staple

Another gre at casual staple for a men’s clothes guide is the henley shirt. This shirt looks like a t-shirt at first glance, but its inclusion of a few buttons near the collar sets it apart. The henley has a long history of being a layering shirt, but why not let it be the star of the show?

Pop a henley over a t-shirt for added warmth. Wear one with jeans for a style that seems iconic. You’ll look like you’re heading out to chop wood, even if you’re just planning a day at home with the family.

7. Jazzy Socks Are a Conversation Starter

When you’re wearing a suit that’s a uniform neutral color, sometimes it’s fun to add a twist. Whether you’re dressing for a day at the office or a friend’s wedding, jazzy socks will be a hit. 

Find a few pairs with patterns and colors that show off your personality. You can choose paisleys, checked patterns, or animal icons. Have fun with these socks and own your look!

8. Class Things Up with a Watch

Even if you’re indulging in casual weekend wear, no men’s clothes guide is complete without a watch. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to add this timeless way to tell time and look good, either. 

Go with a cool gray face and metal band for a contemporary twist. Or if the old-school style is your preference, a rich leather band and gold-rimmed face will look great on your wrist. 

9. Any Men’s Wardrobe Checklist Requires a Blazer

A blazer is perfect for job interviews, Friday night cocktails, parties, and any gathering where you want to look polished. Not quite ready to invest in a suit? A blazer will let you feel dressed up without going all the way.

Try a slim-fit style to accentuate a lean frame. Go with tweed for an academic aesthetic that works well with jeans and boots. Or stick with the classic navy or gray color options for the most versatility. 

10. Wrap Up Your Look with a Belt

Many men prefer to leave their shirts untucked. But for those occasions where tucking in your shirt is more appropriate, make sure you have a good belt. Frayed belts or ones that are too long only will detract from your style. 

A brown leather belt is one of the key wardrobe essentials for men. Wear it with khakis, jeans, or chinos. And pair it with leather shoes and a wallet for a cohesive outfit. 

Stock Up on Men’s Style Essentials

When it comes to wardrobe essentials for men, it’s good to evaluate your closet each season. You may need to refresh your t-shirt or hoodie collection. Or you might need to elevate your look with a stylish belt or watch.

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