6 Ways To Make A Family Road Trip A Success

Family Road Trip

Even with the current COVID-19 pandemic, road trips are one of the fantastic ways to enjoy during weekends or holidays. Traveling expenses for large families are often high. And so if asked to choose between driving and flying, most families lean towards driving. 

Family road vacations are a feature of many peoples’ travel plans due to the economics of being able to transport a large number of people in one vehicle. Family road excursions can only be enjoyable if you follow the following tips.

Pack Wisely

Packing For A Trip

If you bring too much stuff, you will definitely end up with a cluttered mess. But if you also bring less stuff, you may face the fury of bored kids. Limit in-vehicle entertainment to what each child can carry in his or her backpack. Items like magnetic travel games, novels, tiny dolls or cars, notebooks and colored pencils are all wonderful transportable entertainment options. As long as you ensure that everything is age-appropriate. 

You can hide a few items that you may pull out when the youngsters hit a boredom wall. Movies and digital books can be downloaded just Incase you lost internet connection while on the trip. Don’t forget to glam yourself, choose something long lasting and less involving like applying magnificent individual lashes and permanent eyebrows. That way you can swim and get involved in other activities while still looking good.

Include The Kids In Planning

Shopping For A Trip

A family trip will most definitely involve kids, it is important to include them from the beginning. This is because they are part of the process and children who assist in choosing the destination are more likely to be excited and helpful. Instead of allowing the kids to make suggestions, provide them a few options that have already been approved by the parents.

It’s not always possible to predict where you’ll end up. Perhaps you’re heading north to see relatives. In such a scenario, you can seek your children’s assistance with the rest of the plans, including stopping points along the road. In either scenario, a special family gathering can help this journey get started on a good start.

Carry Enough Snacks


According to research, a good percent of families believe snacks are the best way to keep youngsters entertained on a family road trip. So make sure that you bring a cooler full of them. Include both nutritious options like raisins, carrot sticks, and grapes, as well as delights like cookies and chocolate-chip granola bars. Make sure you don’t forget about the water bottles and juice cartons.

Also ensure that the youngsters can get to the snacks without assistance. Avoid placing the cooler in the rear of the car. This tip will save you from stopping every time you get complaints of kids being hungry. Remember that can happen as soon as you turn off your street and then approximately every 30 minutes on your drive.

Make Sure Your Leave Your Home Safe And Secured

Secured House

A great family road trip needs peace of mind. Making sure your home is secure before leaving is very crucial. Take efforts to lock your home before leaving for your road vacation to deter robbers. You can set up a few things to make it appear as if you’re home. For instance setting interior lights to timers or leaving external lights on. Led lights are perfect in this scenario since they are energy efficient. 

You can also inform your neighbors that you are leaving and have them watch your front door for any unexpected delivery. For additional security purposes, you can also hire a security person to guard your home. check your front door on a daily basis until you return.

Take Precautions To Keep Yourselves Safe And Comfortable

Kids Sleeping

Parents should carry pillows and blankets from home for kids to sleep for at least part of the trip. This is important because it means kids will remain seated and well secured in a car seat, booster seat, or seat belt. You should also bring along other items like a kids’ neck pillow or tiny Pillow Pet, as well as a beloved blanket or plush animal  to make the journey more comfortable for your children. 

Before you hit the road, make sure your automobile is up to date on tune-ups and oil changes. Also carry with you a roadside emergency pack containing bandages, antiseptic wipes or spray, jumper cables, and other essentials.

Include Entertainment In Your Trip

Road Trip Activities

A successful car trip with kids must include plenty of entertainment. There are numerous games that you can play for fun. For instance, Keep them Quiet bag which is a perfect solution for kids. These are fun and interactive bags with lots of interesting activities.

The main concept behind such games is to limit screen time. With only one bag, kids will be entertained for a long period. Make sure you select the right age group and length of trip packs when placing your order. There are comparable Busy Bags for kids in the United States and Australia.


A family road trip will present a great opportunity to reconnect with loved ones while also embarking on an exciting journey! As much as it may appear to be a difficult task, if properly planned, a family road trip will be a successful project that brings everyone joy and provides unforgettable memories. Hope the tips discussed above will help you plan a good one!

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