7 Best Bourbon Cocktails You Can’t Afford to Miss Out On

7 Best Bourbon Cocktails You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On 1

A shot of whiskey never disappoints! Whether you are nursing a broken heart or watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, it fits all situations. Even better if you’re sipping the sweet bourbon. 

Bourbon is a popular whiskey blend formed with a minimum of 51% corn, barley, and about one-third of grain. The current size of whiskey and bourbon distilleries has reached $4.9 billion in the US. 

Did you know that you can turn any of the best bourbon blends into a fun cocktail?  

Here are 7 cocktails to consider before hosting your next house party.

Bourbon Apple Cider

If you like your drinks with a bit of spice, go for an apple cider drink. Blend it with one of the best bourbon options available. This cocktail is strong yet easy to make as the main ingredients are readily available. Experiment with ratios until you strike the right balance for your palette. 

Bourbon Sour

Looking for something tangier? The bourbon sour, also known as the wh iskey sour, balances the right amount of sweet and citrus. Here, you add in a dash of lime and maple syrup. The final combination with the right amount of lemon acidity and syrup sweetness is sure to bowl you over. 

Blackberry Bourbon Smash

One of the best bourbon cocktails you will encounter, a blackberry bourbon smash will give you the right herbal punch. It is a light drink that uses soda water to dilute the final mixture. The shade pops out just right, and you can top it off with fresh blackberries for a fruity texture. 

Boulevardier Cocktail

If you are searching for a fancy yet bold drink, go for a boulevardier cocktail. It will give you an overall experience of sweet, smooth, bitter, and spicy with the first sip itself. It is made by using simple syrup and an orange angostura. 

Its vibrant red tone is sure to set the mood for the evening. 

Kentucky Mule

Have you ever tried the famous Moscow Mule? Kentucky Mule is just the South American version for the same. Here, you add ginger beer, lemon juice, and syrup to make the perfect acidic blend. Also, try using your expensive bourbon so that your cocktail isn’t too watered down. 

Whiskey Highball

This bubbly drink is sure to offer you a refreshing change from the conventional bourbon shot. Whiskey Highball is basically an alcoholic drink with a high ratio of a non-alcoholic mixer. Just add whiskey, soda water, and lemon for garnishing, and you’re set to enjoy the best cocktail to settle down your stressed nerves.

Gold Rush Cocktail

Looking for a tangy classic drink? Try out the Gold Rush cocktail that uses honey instead of simple syrup to give it a rich texture. Also, add some quantity of lemon juice to provide a much-needed zing to your relishing cocktail. 


Looking to stay in, invite a few friends over, and have a chill time? There’s no better alternative than taking your best bourbon bottles out of the cabinet. However, serving it just as a whiskey shot might sometimes get boring. 

Try out the cocktail lineup mentioned above and make the most of your evening.

Most drinks can be made with common kitchen ingredients like lemon, honey, or ginger beer. Offering this variety will give you the desired boost in your friend circle and make you a success for all forthcoming drinking parties.

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