7 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Students

7 Best Paraphrasing Tools

Either you are a blogger, marketing specialist, teacher, or student, you experienced managing a large number of texts within a limited time? At some point, you feel trapped in all that paperwork without the possibility of stepping aside and catching a breath of fresh air. Therefore, you seek a solution that can save you a couple of hours and ease the ordeal.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is a valuable skill that you learn during your course studies. It is a way to convey the text without a direct quotation of the source material. Nevertheless, if you are using paraphrased paragraphs in your essay, it is highly recommended to cite the source for avoiding plagiarism.

On the other hand, many people imply paraphrase as a way to rewrite the text within one’s writing style. At the same time, when paraphrasing a chosen text, you leave the idea and message the same using other grammatical and stylistic methods. It is an excellent method of summarizing lengthy texts or highlighting the main idea of the paragraph.

You can improve your paraphrasing skills if following easy tips:

– You have to understand the source material for conveying its meaning.

– Write down words that you want to modify and key phrases of your paraphrase.

– Make a paraphrase without checking the source material and only then compare your rendition of the original. The meaning should stay without a change.

– Highlight the source and page for proper citation in the future if needed.

Paraphrasing is no different from any other writing skill. The more you train, the easier it turns to transfer the meaning of the source material by other words. However, if you need to process many texts, then paraphrasing tools will come in handy. Still, you have to double-check the result for logical structure and vocabulary choice. These AI solutions don’t provide you with ready-to-use solutions because it is hard to imitate language patterns people possess. For achieving the best results, you may consult with essaypro.com for pro advice on paraphrasing and writing.

1. Quillbot

It is a popular free paraphrasing tool that changes, adds, or removes words in a sentence for creating a new one. Although it performs quickly, some of the sentences are poorly written, the changes are almost unseen in the “after” text, and you have to edit the result. It is a quick way to review some of your original paraphrases and free tool available online.

2.  < a class="rank-math-link" href="https://paraphrasing-tool.com/">Paraphrasing Tool

It is a free platform that spins texts in order to create a new one. Paraphrasing Tool manages to work as it was designed – it completely changes the stylistic and vocabulary of the original text. However, you have to put extra time to edit the result. It is more applicable as a spinner for SEO specialists. Still, it is worth giving a try if you need a content spinner.

3. Rewriter Tools

It is a free and user-friendly tool that helps you to transform your source text. It also changes vocabulary and provides you with suggestions to consider. However, you should not expect something over the top, and you still have to brush the result and review the recommendations, as they may be inaccurate.

4. Spinner Chief 6

It is a paid software product that allows you to process a large number of texts within minutes. It generates good quality new content easy to understand and read. This tool uses technology for finding the accurate word and phrases for your sentences. It has desktop and web versions, offering you a ContentBomb feature that scrapes data and converts it into any format.

5. Chimp Rewriter

This paid tool assists you with your articles and sentence rewriting. It has such features as N-spin, bulk directory rewrites, list reordering, random ordering, and anchor text spin. Chimp Rewriter uses AI and natural language processing for conveying the meaning of the content. Moreover, it is available for work in more than twelve languages with advanced SEO tools and content suits.

6. Word AI

It is a paid tool that analyzes the source material and then rephrases sentences with high-quality and unique suggestions. Word AI supports multiple languages, and a perfect tense feature allows you to correct grammar and spelling and prepare results for you. This option is the best choice for editors and content managers, but as a student, you may find a suit that is affordable for you.

7. Spin Rewriter

Also, a paid paraphrasing tool allows you to generate new sentences and has technology that identifies the meaning of the words rather than offering standard synonyms. It manages to process dozens of texts and create original content with semantic spinning technology. User-friendly interface and bulk content spinning is a great option for people who work in marketing and SEO. However, students may find this tool as helpful as any other offered option.

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