Useful Tips For Interior Design And Remodeling

Useful Tips For Interior Design And Remodeling


So you’ve recently moved into your new apartment and can’t wait to get started on decorating and designing how your space is going to look like. Or you’ve had the same wallpaper for ages and you’re aching to switch things up for a bit. If you’re looking to design and decorate your own space, be it from scratch or to give your room a new fresh look you can buy wall art from an online shop. Also, you will need to know some of the tips and tricks for interior designing and remodeling. When tackling such design projects, it may seem simple and straightforward. Yet, there are multiple considerations that you should be mindful of when you embark on your next room makeover endeavor. Not to mention the need for an expert like Cutler Interior Design to help you out along the way. Read on to find out how you can think and design like an interior designer york, making your space look stylish and be functional in nature.

Knowing your preferences

Knowing your preferences is the first, and foremost step that plays an important role in the entire design process. What knowing your preferences mean is that you should know clearly what you like and dislike, and therefore what you want or don’t want in your space. A good way to start planning on how your space should look is to start by eliminating things and styles that are not your cup of tea. By eliminating options, you can then narrow down on styles that you want to attempt or try out. This will help make the entire design process as you know what kind of styles and looks you want to look out for. For example, you dislike bright neon colors like yellow, green, and orange. You may also dislike specific patterns and bold prints that you will not want to see in your own personal space. Everyone has their own personal preferences, and this is often seen in the designs of their rooms, giving the space an intimate and personal touch. There is no clear answer on what’s good, or what’s worse, as everyone is different and it is most important that you like how your own space looks!

Understanding the space

Before embarking on any design project, it is also extremely crucial to understand the space that you are working with. By understanding the space, you can then carry out space planning which will affect the scale of the objects and furniture in place. If you have a smaller space, you would not want to put a large L-shaped sofa right in the middle as it will only make your room feel even smaller and clustered. Understanding the space can also help to better the overall look of the area, as you will take into account how to make a space feel and look nicer than it actually is during the design process. You will also be able to better utilize the space and make the room both stylish and functional. So if you are designing for a large area, you can break up the room into zones for different purposes and designs. You can have a separate work area with a study table in the bedroom, or even a games corner for you to relax and chill in if that’s what you want. For smaller spaces, you should definitely avoid putting large furniture and go for something that is proportionate to the space available. You can hang a clock which will complete your design. Check out some options from

. Although you may like a certain decorative object, you should definitely think about its proportion and scale in comparison to the space you are designing. An object’s visual weight and distribution needs to be balanced across a space in order for the space to look spacious and aesthetically pleasing.

Style and design inspirations

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Once you have decided on what you want or do not want in your space, as well as understand the space that you are working with, you can then decide on your style and design. With the previous considerations in mind, you can then choose something that fulfills what you like, and what is applicable for the space that you are working with. If you are not too sure about which specific style to go for, it is always good to look into your closet for some ideas. Are your clothes mainly in dark muted tones like black, dark blue, grey, and white? Do you have many color block clothes or shirts with bold prints? Your clothes can give you an idea of what look you like in daily life, and thus inspire you for the design of your space. Another way to think about the style and design that you want is to come up with keywords that define how your space should feel. Do you want something that is simple and minimalist, or earthy and rustic? What about something that is modern and monochromatic, or elegant and classy? These keywords can act as themes to your overall design and start you off on your design and thinking process. We often draw style and design inspirations from our daily lives as well. For example, you may have visited a beautiful cafe, restaurant, hotel, or furniture store that totally fits into the kind of aesthetic that you like. You can take note of how the space is curated in such cases, and use it for your own style and design as well.

Floor first

Now that you have got a general idea of the direction that you want to go for, you may then be troubled by the question of where to start. A good thumb of rule is to always start designing from the floor, and slowly progress upwards. You can start by deciding what you want for your floor. Do you want textured tiles or wooden flooring? Which of these will match the overall theme and design that you have in mind? Once you have decided on the flooring, it will be easier for you to visualize and think of the other decorations and designs for the rest of the space.


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Designing your own space may sound like a tough and tedious process. However, with these tips and tricks in mind, you can have fun and come up with your own personalized space that is stylish, comfortable, and functional!

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