7 Drills To Remember When Going To The Beach In 2021

Drills To Remember When Going To The Beach

Summer is just around the corner. After a few months, overflowing sweats will drench our bodies, scorching heat will dehydrate our fluids, and illuminating sunlight will make our pupils contract — again. Eating ice cream is a scrumptious remedy, but not as relieving as what swimming and even diving can do.

As our goals, we want our summer to be a hot yet remarkable experience. However, there are lots of things to remember to do before we can show off our swimming and diving skills, especially at this moment that there are some regulations that we need to obey. To be exact, it includes multiple reminders for us to fully polish the underwater dream we wanted. Safety protocols, personal hygiene materials, swimming tools, clean food, and sanitary equipment. To guide you, take a look at these drills and take note of them now:

  1. Make sure your Gadgets are Water-Resistant.

Cameras, watches, and phones are an all-time trio that we always bring near the water shore during the swimming outings. Aside from taking photos and poses to capture, we also want our outfits to be on the center stage. That is why there are underwater phones and wristwatches that we use for something like this. Wristwatches from Panerai are great ones to try. Proven since World War II from Italian Navy divers on their secret underwater missions, the brand has left a legacy for those who want to avail of a fashionable yet durable wristwatch.

  1. Assess if the day you plan coheres to the weather

Who wants to swim in the thunderstorm weather? If you are planning for once in a blue outing, make sure you got the best weather to swim under. Not because it’s summer, there is no possibility that the rain or even thunderstorms to come out. Remember that climate is highly different from weather. If it was summer, the chance to rain is high due to abrupt evaporation and condensation of the water from the water bodies. If you are planning for that weekend, but the weather forecast says an increased percentage of rain probability, then why not make it with the other weekends from which you can enjoy the sun as the waves come along with you?

  1. Bring your SPF Sunscreen with you!

Behind the visible light from the sunlight, there is another type of radiation that we don’t see. Those are the UV rays that could cause some skin illnesses. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) indicates the number of how great or high it could protect the skin from the harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays when exposed. It is best to bring lotion with the 24 to 30 SPFs to ensure its effectiveness. Take note, too, that you do not need to put moisturizer on your skin as it could also slip off your other things such as goggles. Make sure that your sunscreen is waterproof so that it could not be rinsed while you are enjoying the water waves.

  1. Avoid Overeating.

Swimming could be hungering, but you do not need to put yourself with carbs. Experts say that the detrimental cramp of the swimmers is caused when the body is trying to remain afloat and digest food. To avoid this from happening, abstain from eating large meals. Most specifically, carbohydrate-enriched foods such as bread, burgers, fatty food, delicacies, and pasta.

  1. Stay Hydrated.

Our body surfaces could be soaked with water, but it does not mean the same logic goes with our internal bodies. Swimming is a type of body exercise, so it also means that we lose lots of water when we move our arms and feet. It is not just as obvious as with the sweating we have on land. At the same time, the hot, sweltering temperature of the sunlight doubles the intensity and speed of our body sweating.

  1. Use hair conditioner.

As we are going down the waters, our hair strands absorb the salt for the beach or chlorine from the pools. What we want to prevent here is that it could cause huge permanent damage to our hair. To avoid this from happening, put conditioner in your hair that will serve as a lubricant to rid out the salts or chlorine molecules.

  1. Prepare the Clothes and Towels.

It could be a default rule but always remind yourself to bring these essentials with us before swimming. After soaking ourselves with water that has lots of microorganisms and chemicals, we need to take a bath, get dry, and change our clothes. The best thing: bring extras too for some unexpected circumstances.

In Conclusion

Have fun this summer while still keeping yourself, your family, and your buddies safe. Swimming is indeed an exciting activity but you must not forget these reminders with you to truly make your vacation pleasingly unforgettable.

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