Things You Should Know About The Rolex Lady Datejust

Rolex Lady Datejust

Without the need for a moment’s hesitation, one of several label’s most famous communities is the Rolex Datejust. This beautifully sophisticated wristwatch has captivated collectors and regular spectators both with all its flexibility and undeniably elegant appearance ever since its creation in the 1940s.

The Lady Datejust’s 28millimeters case has guaranteed that women too will appreciate the undeniable consistency and tradition of a Rolex piece like the Datejust ever since its introduction in 1957. There have been many variations of its Lady Datejust obtainable for buying in the current age, also with the central concept’s iconic features much either now at the center of things.

Rolex Lady Datejust Sundust Dial Price

This Lady Datejust watch with three-piece link chains bracelet is perhaps the best fashionable and trendy bracelet of any Rolex watch bracelet. It consists of silver and gold composites that wouldn’t reveal stress and strain after years of using it. The dial is indeed a lovely rose gold colored with minutes and hours stick hands and index.

The dial is 28.5 millimeters in width, and that has 31 gems to improve its charm. Besides, the device’s features such as hands for hours, minutes, and seconds and quick date were adjusted to accuracy. The price of this timepiece is $12,749.

Automatic Silver Dial Oystersteel

One more luxurious timepiece for ladies has been the 28 279174-0005 or Rolex Lady Datejust. It does have a stainless-steel material, silver-colored case with a Rolex anniversary bracelet. Besides, it does have a set, lined bezel. Including its automated control, such a Swiss-made analog timepiece provides utmost accuracy.

The silver dial is hugely tempting and has been safeguarded by its tolerance to scratches and it is 100-meter water resistance. It makes an appearance in a round casing shape and a 55 hours power reserve. Obviously, with its appearance, this is highly-considered one of the best luxury watches.

Lady Datejust Champagne Steel

The Rolex 279383RBR is a women’s style from Datejust. This exclusive piece features such a champagne dial and stones as indexed hour markings, including a Roman numeral, as well filled in stones, only at 9 ‘o’clock spot. A yellow-gold color scheme is crafted of the minute arms, and also, the date portion is located at the corner.

This piece is finely housed in a blend of oyster-steel and 18-carat yellow gold in the same yellow rolesor. Self-winding, permanent and automatic, was its version of this piece. The energy reserves run for 55 hours in total. In general, that’s an excellent device to possess and proudly display at events.

Yellow Gold Automatic Cornflower With Green Diamond Dial

Among the most magnificent luxury watches that only the luxury market sees are in the Lady Datejust catalog by Rolex. The whole spectacular design from its selection becomes the expression of these kinds of expensive watches. This watch demonstrates to have been the image of luxury and graciousness with its yellow-golden casing sculpted into a 28 millimeters dial.

18 Carat Yellow Gold Automatic Cornflower Green Diamond Dial

Rolex’s Lady-Datejust 18 Carat Yellow Gold Automatic Cornflower Green Diamond Dial for Ladies is the timepiece that could have you admire other fairer-sex individuals. The person wearing gets a unique sense of comfort from this excellent piece. Its indexes, dial, and bracelet all offer such a feeling of incredible comfort, not just its bezel.

Oyster Perpetual Steel and 18 Carat Yellow Gold Automatic Silver Dial

What can be more pleasing to the eye than an ideal timepiece with a vintage design? The most significant public acknowledgment of its iconic remark was its Rolex-Oyster Perpetual Steel and 18 Carat Yellow Gold Automatic Silver Dial for Ladies. There’s nothing quite splendid than with the cyclopean glass, which also makes it easy to view the date.

18 Carat Yellow Gold Automatic Cornflower Blue Dial

The Rolex Lady-Datejust represents excellent success and design, including its irresistible beauty and polished glamor. The 28 mm yellow gold casing is constructed of its ideal combination of durability, elegance, and proportion, rendering the wristwatch extremely oxidation-resistant and resistant to water to approximately 100 m.

The cornflower blue dial represents the user’s character perfectly, whereas the hourly index indicators packed with diamonds render the piece ultimately eternal. All and everything, this is undoubtedly a piece of jewelry worth buying.

Lady Datejust 28 Rolesor Yellow Fluted, Jubilee, Silver Diamond

Lady Datejust 28 has been one of Rolex’s lovely timepieces. It coincides with a durable rose yellow case and bracelet, a combination of Oyster Steel and 18kt yellow gold. This device’s unique dial is colored in silver and is fitted with diamonds to enhance the attractiveness. Besides, there is indeed a separate row throughout the dial, filled with such Cyclops lenses and for the day also at 3 o’clock spot.


Attributed to how this watches series isn’t associated with any specific athletic passion, the Datejust has been seen as among the most flexible watch brands of the Swiss business. The Datejust, crafted for daily usage, is used by many as a perfect everyday timepiece, and, yes, by most, that’s the only wearable they would ever consider.

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