7 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer


The number of criminal lawyers and attorneys within the US could increase by 2.6% this year. The number will continue to grow as more people find themselves facing serious criminal charges. If you need help, don’t hesitate to hire a lawyer. 

Trying to handle a legal case on your own could do more harm than good. For example, the judge might not take you seriously if you lack legal representation.

Still on the fence about hiring a lawyer? Read on to discover the top reasons you should look for a lawyer near me today.

1. To Leverage Expertise

A defendant who has never faced criminal charges is more likely to make a costly mistake handling the case alone. 

For example, arresting officers are already well-versed in leading inexperienced suspects into making admissions of guilt. Don’t speak without a lawyer present. Don’t sign any documents that could get used against you later, either.

Instead, hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Look for an attorney with years of experience in criminal defense cases.

You can leverage their prior experience and expertise to avoid making a mistake while handling your case.

Make sure to choose an attorney with experience handling cases like yours. Ask about the outcome of those cases, too. You can feel more confident in an attorney with relevant case experience (and a track record of success).

An experienced attorney can provide you with important advice regarding your case. They can also help you navigate the criminal justice system.

A lawyer with experience can help you recognize the best defense strategies moving forward. Meanwhile, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they understand your legal rights and the laws that can impact your case. They’ll make sure those rights are upheld as your case proceeds. 

Make sure to find a criminal defense attorney with years of experience and expertise. With their legal help, you can fight the charges for the best possible outcome.

2. There’s a Mandatory Sentence

In some cases (such as a Class E felony, which could result in a fine of $3,000 or a year in jail), you could get charged with a mandatory prison sentence. You might not become aware of such a requirement until you’ve already pleaded guilty.

Don’t hesitate to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. They can help you avoid making such a costly mistake.

Your lawyer will also help you recognize the options available to you (as well as the consequences of pleading innocent versus guilty). Then, they can help negotiate for a reduced sentence. 

3. The Defendant Isn’t a US Citizen

In some cases, a defendant isn’t a US citizen or can’t speak English. It’s important to hire an attorney to represent you through the legal process.

Otherwise, you could face immigration problems that will prevent you from remaining in the country legally in the future. 

4. The Defendant is a Juvenile

A juvenile’s legal guardian can hire a lawyer who is experienced helping children accused of crimes.

Even if the crime doesn’t have a mandatory prison sentence, they could get sentenced to a juvenile detention center if they’re underage. Having this on the child’s record could have a lasting impact on their future. For example, they might struggle to get a job.

An attorney can fight with the juvenile’s best interests in mind. 

5. Accusations in Different States

In some cases, a defendant is accused of a crime in another state—or even a different country.

It’s important to find an attorney with experience and resources in the area. Make sure they’re aware of laws and procedures relevant to the area, too.

Otherwise, it could feel intimidating and confusing to try and handle the situation alone. 

6. Public Perceptions

Some cases involve a lot of public outcry. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can step in before there’s too much media coverage on the case.

Make sure to find a lawyer with experience handling similar cases in the past. If they lack experience handling media outlets, they might struggle to help. 

7. Build the Case

An experienced criminal defense attorney will also have the resources necessary to investigate your case.

Chances are, the police won’t keep you up-to-date as their investigation continues forward. Without the proper information, you could struggle to build your defense. 

Look for an attorney who already has a strong professional network. For example, they might call an investigator to gather hard evidence about what happened. Your lawyer will study the evidence to determine your best course of legal action.

Then, they can start preparing your defense.

For example, perhaps you were charged under the Drug Act. Your lawyer could suggest you continue with a specific drug treatment program.

They’ll also know how to spot weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. They’ll develop your defense with the prosecution’s potential plans in mind.

A lawyer can also file any motions with the court to influence decisions that will benefit your case moving forward. Your lawyer could even get the case delayed. For example, they might argue a specific piece of evidence should get excluded at trial. 

You’ll need a lawyer at your side to prepare for an appeal or other proceedings, too. For example, they can help prepare you for court appearances in front of the judge.

Having access to a criminal defense lawyer will give you peace of mind as your case proceeds. They can build your defense to ensure the best possible outcome. Without their help, however, you could face serious jail time. 

Make a Case: Hire a Lawyer for Your Criminal Defense Case Today

Don’t hesitate to hire a lawyer if you’re facing criminal charges. A criminal defense lawyer could get the charges dropped or reduced. They could have a major impact on your case and your future.

Find legal help today to ensure the best outcome for your case.

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