8 Impressive Ways to Become Anonymous on the Internet

Impressive Ways to Become Anonymous on the Internet

Anonymity is not a strange concept on the Internet. If you are even a bit scared of your privacy, you would be searching all over the place to find a way to disappear on the Internet. That’s why you are here, right?  

Lucky for you, we have researched various ways to have an anonymous profile without anyone peeking at you or sneaking up on your private information. So let’s see what they are!

Using a VPN

A VPN is the simplest and easiest tool to become anonymous on the Internet. It does not only protect your online profile, but it also helps in various other benefits. These include bypassing a geo-restricted site, streaming buffer-free, and saving your personal information from spies.

However, you must note that not all VPNs are reliable. Many steal your data and track your website activity without any shame. Most of all, you wouldn’t even know, and the invasion of your privacy will be happening right behind your back. Hence, always research the best VPNs for your needs. You can find more about how to use a VPN on Streamaestro.

Avoid Voice Assistants

We all know how convenient it is to use Alexa and Google Play Assistant to do our jobs. But in the smartness of this system lies a loophole. Sources have claimed that employees often eavesdrop on the conversations being held with the voice assistants. Now, you may incorporate a reliable smart device for your ease, but there is no clue to knowing whether or not people are listening on the other side.

The worst part is that many such devices are found with a hidden microphone inside. Hence, the better option is to stay clear of all such smart gadgets that use the voice assistant feature on their platforms.

Stay Private

To be anonymous over the Internet, you also need to do your duty in staying private. Instead of sharing everything on social media, filter out the sensitive information that could lead to identity theft. For example, avoid sharing your personal data like your address, phone number, passwords, bank details, or even your kids’ details. This could bring potential threats to your family and put you in a fragile situation.

Encrypted Browsers

There is no denying the fact that Google stores your information. It is an open secret that everybody has become comfortable with, somehow. But that isn’t a safe bet if you wish to become anonymous on the Internet. Hence, we suggest using an encrypted browser like Tor to cipher both your IP address and your website activity. But there is one little problem, it may be free to use, but it does have its limitations. Therefore, we advise you to use a VPN while using the Tor browser to enhance security in making yourself private!

Limit Application Permissions

How often have you accepted everything that the application asks? Too many times to count? Exactly. It was either because you were too lazy to read its conditions or too eager to use the application. Anyhow, it happens with the best of us. But the biggest problem in doing this is that we give our consent to the apps, allowing them to steal our confidential information.

They cannot be blamed in such a situation as they ask our permission. The best thing to avoid this is to read the terms and conditions. Check if they are stealing any information or storing your data. Moreover, read their privacy policies and deny any permission that asks for your location or personal details.

Create Separate Passwords

We know how much you love using the same password for anything. It is not your fault because we all have a short-term memory remembering unique passwords. But the better thing is to use a password manager that can help you build strong passwords that are not easily crackable. Set up a different key for each of your accounts to limit the potential hacking threats on your online profile.

Don’t Accept Cookies.

Cookies may be targeted ads that enhance your online experience, but they bring in more than you asked. They store your website activity and create personalized ads on the respective site for user convenience. But meanwhile, this data collection can harm your chances of developing an anonymous profile. It may not be true for all cookies because some tend to remain private. However, it is better to disable the cookies on your browser to avoid any security risks.


Maintaining a private online profile is quite a hard task these days. But if you follow the right steps, you can disappear from the Internet without leaving a trace. Most of all, cybercrimes have increased terribly. This calls for action to protect you and your online profile without any hassle. The above steps are easy and simple hacks to steer clear of the potential threats.

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