9 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Post Saves

9 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Post Saves

Instagram is a social platform that changes often, and this can destabilize those who work and do business with social networks, from brands to social media managers to influencers. This article is for those who not only use it as users but who do Instagram Marketing to increase sales, find new customers, and increase the engagement of their Instagram followers. Today, we want to talk to you about a metric that few people still care about, but which should be one of the parameters to be measured when evaluating the effectiveness of a post i.e., the Save function. Well yes, the “saves” can represent a way not only to understand how the Instagram algorithm works but also to evaluate the goodness of your editorial plan and if and to what extent it is functional to achieving our goals.

The Instagram algorithm gives a lot of importance to this function because it considers it an index of the value of a post. The more people will save your post, the more the algorithm will consider it of quality and, consequently, will increase its visibility.

Now we will give you some advice to increase the possibility that your Instagram followers save your posts. Let’s start!

1: Create Infographics

If it is true that beautiful images or photographs, meaning beautiful not only well-made but also functional to your goal, are the basis for doing Instagram Marketing as it should be. Similarly, adding infographics into your editorial plan could also increase the “rescues” of your posts. Why?

The infographics contain data and information relevant to your audience, who may be interested in reviewing them calmly. That’s why your followers may decide to save them or add them to a collection.

2: Heals Captions

By “taking care of the captions,” we intend to write interesting and articulated (but not boring!). Captions are of any use to the reader, creating a sort of mini-article. In fact, the chances that the post will be saved, for an in-depth reading or to find useful information, are raised.

3: Create Evergreen Content

Here is always valid advice, which occasionally returns, but which in reality, as anyone who works in the field of web marketing knows, has never failed, writing evergreen content.

Instagram is a social network where speed is the master; getting noticed is difficult unless you create valid, in-depth content, which pushes the follower to visit them several times.

A tutorial, a calendar of events, a check-list, and an informative video are the forms that evergreen content can take are different and, depending on the editorial plan.

4: Take Advantage of Quotes

Ok, maybe the quotes should not be the basis of your editorial plan, but why not insert images from time to time – well done or well taken – with quotes that may please your audience?

Quotes are shared with friends and, very often, are saved for future use.

Whether motivational, poetic, inspirational, or just plain fun, putting quotes in the editorial plan – and checking if they work – is a great way to enrich the variety of your content.

5: Ask the Audience to Save your Posts

Many have expressed their opinion on the importance of the CTA. The CTA must push to action, and to do so, it must be able to persuade, sometimes, simply asking to do something can be the ideal solution. In the case of valid content, you can ask to save the post so as not to lose it in the mess of the Instagram feed. Urgency, scarcity, and loss are powerful factors you can count on to convince your followers to perform the action you want.

6: Create Posts with Useful Tips and “Tricks.”

Giving useful advice and suggesting the fastest way to reach a certain goal is an excellent strategy to increase the possibility of ending up in the saved posts of your Instagram followers.

7: Augmented Reality and integration with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories represent one of Instagram’s guarantees since its release to date. They are easy to make, usable by all and with a duration of 24 hours, within everyone’s reach and more enjoyable by most. For some time now, Instagram has announced and made available to everyone augmented Reality for the creation of real masks in addition to the classic special effects that we have always seen. This trend, perhaps the freshest of all, continues to rage on Instagram, conquering everyone without distinction.

8: Use Chroma Stories

Chroma Stories is a new app developed by Chroma Labs but created by John Barnett – whom most people will know to be the inventor of Boomerang – which offers from the first start over 150 original templates. There are numerous tools and ease of use that will make you appreciate it from the first moment.

Not only that, on Chroma Stories, but there are also numerous filters created ad hoc to give a touch of originality to the stories we often miss. The “motion” functionality allows you to make live photos “unique,” but above all, it offers the ability to export the content produced in low, medium, or high quality.

Many people had the opportunity to try it in full functionality and appreciate this great feature. Unlike similar apps like Unfold, Inshot, etc., Chroma Stories offers a complete personalization of every single story, from the background to the fonts, passing through graphic elements, formats, and filters.

9: Authenticity

In 2019, Instagram became more “real” or better, users, tired of the aesthetics of Instagram. It has undoubtedly a great platform that has chosen to veer in the direction of authenticity. Users, influencers, and content creators have decided to leave their comfort zone and post content without filters without the fear of showing the part of themselves often unknown to most and now become a real strength for many.

In the end, the same goes for infographics and evergreen content, offering quality to its users is the best choice not to disappear in the Instagram feed, be remembered, choose, and save!

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