9 Unique File Storage Boxes For Your Home Needs

Unique File Storage Boxes

When you think about storage boxes, the first thing that will come to your mind is huge boxes that contain old and unused items at home. It is also commonly used in offices to store all types of documents. While these are all true, what most people miss is that storage boxes can also be used at home daily. It doesn’t have to be for “storage” use only.

Storage boxes are very effective to organize your personal items. Even at home, you surely have some important documents and items that you want to preserve and cannot be displayed. Some of which are your legal documents. Especially now that most of everyone is working from home, you might need additional storage to put your office materials. In this article, we will share different storage boxes and how you can use them at home.

Different file storage boxes for your home

There are different file storage boxes that will be beneficial to use at home. These come in different colors, shapes, and sizes which can be used for many purposes. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1.    Rolling file cabinet

A rolling file cabinet is a smaller version of a steel cabinet and it comes with wheels. This can be very efficient to store confidential documents such as your birth certificates, passports, bank bills, and more.

2.    Document storage with lid

Typically made of linen, these are lighter storage boxes that come with folder tabs. It’s easier to stack in your closet or anywhere in the house. Another good thing about this is that it is collapsible, so you can fold it when not in use.

3.    Mobile file box

You will never know when you need to bring documents somewhere else. Instead of using regular envelopes and folders, it’s best to use a mobile file box. It is usually made of highly durable plastic with a cover and snap-tight buckle. In that way, your documents are safe and secured wherever you may need to go.

4.    Clear storage tote

This type of file storage box is multipurpose. Aside from using it to store important documents, you can also use it for other organization needs such as personal items, shoes, clothing, linens, and children’s toys. It is made with clear plastic which is highly durable plus it’s stackable as well. Clear tote storage can extend your closet.

5.    Moving boxes

These huge carton boxes are not only beneficial when you need to move to another place. Moving boxes can also store books or other reading materials in your study room. It’s also a great way to organize your old books instead of just living them in the storage or garage with no packaging. Through this, you can protect your reading materials as well.

6.    Colorful book bins

If you have a home office desk, you can use colorful book bins as additional storage. It comes in different sizes and colors which liven up your home workspace. It’s very sturdy and durable, too. Aside from filing folders and books, you can use it as storage for other office supplies such as bond papers, post its, and more.

7.    Portable desktop file

Are you an old-school type of cook who loves to store their recipes in printed papers? You can use a portable desktop file for that! Using this stylish and flexible filing storage, you can easily store recipes and ingredients charts in your kitchen. You can also use this to keep your pantry inventory. It has six tabs with a firm grip so you can be sure that the contents inside each are secured.

8.    Desktop file storage box

If you want a more durable yet stylish way to keep a large pile of documents, you can use a desktop file storage box. It is made with fiberboard which is why it’s thick and guaranteed to hold heavy document files. It also comes with a lid to help secure your paper works. This is best if you need more permanent filing storage.

9.    Locking Mobile File Chest

For a more secure storage chest, consider a locking mobile file chest. It’s basically like a vault, but more stylish and attractive. You can use this not only for your documents but for other precious items. It is equipped with combination locks, which secure the contents inside. Moreover, it is lightweight considering its heavy facade, which makes it easier for you to move it when needed. Also, you can Document Storage is one of the best option that help your business and to store your data.

Shop for file storage boxes today

It’s necessary to always consider its purpose before buying any file storage boxes. In that way, you can maximize its features properly. Are you looking for more inspiration on how to file your documents and other items at home? Check out storables.com. They have a variety of home improvement ideas that will help you keep a well-organized home. Visit their website today.

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