A Beauty Lover’s Guide to the Top Halal Nail Polish Brands

Halal Nail Polish

Did you know that out of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, around 800 million are women? There’s a very good chance that you’re part of this demographic. And if you’re into fashion, then you might have trouble finding products that are halal.

For instance, you might love to paint your nails different colors and patterns. But the majority of nail polishes aren’t halal because water isn’t allowed to reach your actual nails.

So if you want to look pretty but still follow Islam, you’re in luck, as there’s actually such thing as halal nail polish! Read on to find out all about which products to look for.

786 Cosmetics

We’ll start off the list with the brand that’s been rated #1 halal nail polish!

As you might’ve already guessed from the name, 786 Cosmetics is a beauty brand that specifically caters to Muslim women. It was first founded in 2017 by a couple: Ibrahim Ali and his wife Iqra Isphahani.

Together, they’ve created breathable nail polish products that are halal so that Muslim women all around the world can use them. In fact, they’ve named each shade after a different city!

Because their nail polish is water permeable, you might be wondering about the durability of their products. But you’ll rest easy knowing that their halal nail polish will not chip easily, nor will it peel soon after application.

In addition, their nail polishes are certified as cruelty-free and vegan by PETA. This means there are no animal byproducts and that none of their polishes are tested on animals. They’ve also been tested and verified halal for your peace of mind.

Today, 786 Cosmetics has over 40 colors and is sold in over 10 countries. They’ve had tremendous global success and Islamic women from all over rave about their halal products. They easily have the best halal nail polish!

But what if these 40 colors aren’t enough for you? What if you want to explore some other top halal nail polishes? Then not to worry, as we’ll show you a few more brands below.

Mersi Cosmetics

Mersi Cosmetics is another great name to consider if you want halal nail polish. This brand is awesome because they don’t use any of the 11 chemicals found to be toxic in most other nail polish brands. 

It’s also cruelty-free and 100% vegan! In fact, their nail polishes are PETA-certified.

Mersi nail polishes are also quick-drying, which means you don’t have to wait long for your nails to look pretty and be ready to go.

If you like to support good causes, then Mersi Cosmetics is one to support. Starting January 2021, they started donating 20% of their profits to several non-profit organizations to provide clean water tho those in need.

The downside to Mersi Cosmetics is they don’t have as many choices. They only have a little over 20 sh ades, whereas 786 Cosmetics has over 40. What’s cool about these polishes is they’re all named after nature.


For those of you who live in the UK, you might’ve heard of Nailberry. This brand is a luxury nail bar located in London, but today, it’s so much more than that.

Considering that a decent number of Muslim women live in the UK, Nailberry set forth to create products that’d cater to them. From this, their halal nail polish was born: L’Oxygene. All nail polishes in this line are certified halal, which makes them very inclusive.

Like the other brands, Nailberry’s halal nail polishes are both vegan and cruelty-free. They’re also 12-free, which means they don’t have 12 of the major chemicals found in conventional nail polish.

The downside of choosing this brand for your halal nail polishes is that you have to stick to just the L’Oxygene line. However, you’ll find 64 shades in it, so there will be lots of opportunities to see which ones are right for you.


This one’s for those who live in Singapore! (Although do note, their products are all made in France.)

If you live in that general vicinity, then you might already be familiar with Zahara, as they’re a cosmetics brand that doesn’t just make nail polish. They also have fantastic lines of eyeshadow, including their quad palette!

Like with Mersi Cosmetics, Zahara is also a cruelty-free and vegan brand. In addition, it has a 10-free label, which means it doesn’t have 10 of the most common chemicals that you’d find in normal nail polishes.

What’s also excellent about this line of nail polish is they’ve formulated their products to be chip resistant. In fact, some women have said that the nail polish lasts up to 10 days!

Other benefits of using Zahara nail polish include the fact that all ingredients are ethically sourced and the products are formulated to let your nails breathe and keep them strong.

While this brand has a decent number of nail polishes to try out, it’s not as extensive as with 786 Cosmetics, or even Mersi Cosmetics.

Still, we think this brand is definitely worth experimenting with.

Get Halal Nail Polish to Look Pretty

As you can see, there are several halal nail polish brands you can turn to if you want to beautify your nails while still following Islam.

While 786 Cosmetics is definitely the biggest brand around, there are some other ones you can always test out. After all, the more choices you have, the more creative you can get with things!

So treat yourself to some halal nail polishes and feel good about prettying up your fingers. It’ll certainly help you feel more confident and happy!

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