A Comparative Analysis of Gel Nails and Polish Strips

A Comparative Analysis of Gel Nails and Polish Strips

We compare and review gels nail and polish strips, which have become a hot topic in the beauty industry.

The goal of nail art is expanding among young women. More and more are dedicated to nail care, pattern design and color matching. In addition, techniques are beginning to diversify as the number of people consuming nail care increases across genders and age groups.

1. Reasons not to Use Traditional Nail Polish

Many people are uncomfortable with nail polish because it takes a long time to dry and stays on for a short time. In addition, the acetone contained in the polish dries out the nails and requires regular maintenance. That is why I am eagerly awaiting the appearance of a new nail art technique.

Since the polish component of nails is considered detrimental, a different type of nail technology is starting to gain attention. New ways are becoming popular to make up for the shortcomings of existing nail art techniques, such as ease of use, durability, and various designs. Gel nails and adhesive nails, which have emerged as novelties in nail art, are discussed in depth.

2. Gel Nail Polish

Gel nails became popular after the opinion emerged that acrylic, the main component of nail art, was harmful to humans. The UV coating method known as gel nails is considered a new coating technology that is gaining recognition in the nail art industry by highlighting the benefits and shine.

Gel nails are nails treated with gel. While the typical manicure involves applying and drying the nail, gel nails are finished by applying gel to the nail and baking it under UV or LED lights. The quick dry time for a typical manicure is about 8 hours, while for gel nails it is 3 to 5 minutes, which is an attractive advantage.

Depending on the lamp used, a special gel is used and a UV device is needed to dry gel nails. After drying, you can enjoy a shine that distinguishes it from normal nail polish. The most significant advantage of gel nails is that they can last longer compared to traditional polish.

It lasts up to 3 weeks and is not easy to remove even with normal remover. Professional help is needed to remove it, and it is feared that the vital ingredients may damage the nails. As it is mainly removed by abrasion of the surface, there is a risk of damaging the nails, so it is recommended to use it at most once a month.

3. Gel Nail Strips

Gel nail polish strips are rapidly changing the nail art market as a new age product that saves time and reduces cost. Gels nail strips gaining more and more attention as a styling element for women. The advantages of nail polish strips are: they produce the same shine. With a wide range of designs to choose from, they can be adapted to your everyday style.

Plus, you can enjoy the salon-level designs at a lower price than offline nail salons. Gel nail strips have the advantage of allowing you to add subtle and intricate details to your nails without having to hire a professional to do so. In addition, with this saving you can change the design more often.

 Some nail decals are available in different sizes, so it looks like the polish has been applied. It’s easy to get rid of nail polish strips.

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