A Quick Guide on How to Improve Your Business’s Hiring Process


The number of people who quit their job reached an all-time high last year during November of 2021. If you own a business, you may still be feeling the ripples of the Great Resignation. Finding quality new employees can be tough now.

You need to revamp your hiring process to make sure your new staff members are up to your standards of excellence. The best employees are in it for a long-term commitment. The only way to find them is by vetting new applicants well.

Here’s how you can improve hiring processes at your organization. By using the proper business tools for hiring, you can sort the good applications from the bad. Read on to find out some tips for improving your hiring process.

Request a Customized Resume

Applicants who are willing to put time into your hiring process will care about their jobs. Don’t make it so anyone can “instant-apply” on Linked-in or other websites. Demand a customized resume specific to your company.

You should also ask applicants to write a cover letter specifically for the position they are applying for. You can gauge an employee’s level of interest and talent through how unique or generic their cover letter is.

Hire Professional Screeners

You should play a hands-on role in your hiring process, but it never hurts to hire some professional screeners. You can let your human resources department handle hiring if you’re a larger corporation.

Supplement their actions with the right back office support to handle contractors and other short-term employees. Hire head-hunters to pursue top-level employees as well. Develop a multifaceted screening approach with pros.

Meet With Applicants in Person

There is only so much you can tell about a prospective employee from their resume or a remote interview. Make sure to schedule an in-person interview for each of your candidates if they make it through your other hiring phases.

Think of some telling interview questions that gauge your applicant’s aptitudes, personality, and lifestyle habits. You need to find reliable and hardworking individuals that show up on time. Screen for these traits at your interview.

Follow Through With a Reference Check

You need to follow through with a thorough reference check for each applicant. Request at least three professional references. Ensure that they are past employers or supervisors to gauge your applicant’s past work-history quality.

You may also want to ask for character references as well to gauge if your employee will be a productive and trouble-free member of your workforce. Finish all reference checks with a thorough criminal background check.

Revamp Your Hiring Process

Improving your hiring process will net you a surfeit of worthy applicants. The more top-quality applicants you have, the better quality employees you can onboard to your organization. New employees are your company’s future.

Use the tips in this guide to optimize your company’s hiring process. Don’t let the Great Resignation leave your organization lacking talented employees. For other important topics, make sure to check out other articles on our blog.

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