A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Flatbed Trailer for Your Business

Right Flatbed Trailer

About 72.5% of US freight is moved by trucks! So it’s clearly a very viable form of transport for businesses to send their goods all over the country. Some of the main reasons for this is it’s inexpensive and flexible compared to other ways of shipping freight.

When it comes to choosing a flatbed trailer you’ve got three main options to choose from. We’ll take a look at each option and let you know what they’re best for. We’ll also touch upon whether renting or buying a flatbed is going to be the best way forward for your needs.

Read on to check out these flatbed trailer types.

An Aluminum Flatbed Trailer

If you’re looking to buy a lightweight flatbed trailer, then an all-aluminum type is your best option. These trailers look very slick and flashy.

Almost every aspect of the rig is aluminum. We’re talking about the floors, beams, and side rails among other things.

The downside to getting one of these flatbeds is it will be pricier than the others we’re going to look at. But, the resale value will be high if you keep yours in good condition.

Since aluminum bends (deflects) somewhat, these flatbeds tend to have arched supports. These supports straighten out when you put heavy loads on the trailer.

Steel Flatbeds

Since these flatbeds are made from steel, it makes them much heavier than aluminum types.

The good news is that the initial investment for these trailers is much less than the other types on our list. They are great options if you want to work your trailers long and hard. And they are corrosion-resistant

to a high level, due to the steel construction.

Their resale value often isn’t so great. But, if you work it well, you’ll get loads of value out of it in other ways.

Combination Flatbeds

These flatbeds are a combination of steel and aluminum. This way you get a trailer that doesn’t weigh like a monster but has added strength and durability in key areas.

For instance, the support beam below the floor tends to be made from steel. The side rails and floors will often be aluminum.

Prices can vary a lot with combo flatbed trailers. But you’re looking at somewhere between the steel and aluminum trailer price ranges.

To Buy Or To Rent?

The biggest deciding factors for buying or renting a flatbed are how often you need to use it and over how many days, weeks, months, or years. All you have to do is check the prices and do the math.

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Get the Right Flatbed Trailer for You

Choosing a flatbed trailer shouldn’t be much of a chore. Just decide on what you need most: lightweight characteristics, strength, or something in-between. Then work out your budget and go looking for one!

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