Actor, Influencer & Motivational Speaker! Hamza Hafed Sufyan

Actor, Influencer & Motivational Speaker! Hamza Hafed Sufyan 1

The 22-year-old Hamza Hafed is a UAE Emirati Actor and Social Media Star. Born in UAE he is a comedian, actor, and also comes under the top 10 YouTubers. “Without wonder and insight, acting is simply a business. With it, it becomes a creation”. Not everyone can be an actor, especially when it comes to comedy and humor. A humorist is a psychologist because he reads the human mind and performs accordingly. A good actor always knows what his audience wants from him. That is why courage and experience are found in actors.

Hamza Hafed, Career

“The stage is a magical realm where only very real events take place, a neutral area beyond the jurisdiction of destiny where the stars can be crossed with impunity. There is no truth and a more real place in the entire universe.”

Movies acting is the basic form of acting for me. If a person makes films all the time, there is little chance of him practicing. And it is important to practice because it gives you the opportunity to try various things.In that time, the UAE is going to be advance in its era. And support international Actor and social media stars, so local Stars has chance to prove themselves and grow with it. That why, Hamza decided to target Social Media, and show his Talent to the world. For this purpose, he decided to make Funny Videos by Normal digital camera and Edited by himself to inspire the world. Hamza says. “They mostly come from me listening to people’s stories and experiences. They would share some of the things they went through in the course of their day and that gives me the idea. Many people don’t realize that what they go through is actually funny.”

Hamza Hafed Personal opinion about video making

Hamza is a wise man who always chooses informative content for his videos, which is a great source of entertainment and information for audiences of all kinds, like children and adults. Hamza says he is completely not interested in making videos and show content without a reason behind a story happened with himself. Hamza Hafed says, “There is a lesson behind every story, and for me, they are all about positively. I want to talk about things that relate to young people, to encourage young people to aim high, to study, work hard and achieve success. I just tell them in my own way,”
Hamza, thinks that video is not like a simple clip, but the video is a great way to know about a specific topic. Each video should provide a lesson and should be a lesson for any audience.

Hamza is one of those characters whom we can think of success in social media stream. He is an actor and motivational speaker. In March 2019 He played a side role in movie called Uncle Naji in UAE. Hamza played a role of Yemini Chef in this movie. This is a comedy movie where Naji decides with his friends to go on holiday to a mountainous region, they face many funny and strange comedy situations, but unexpected moment happened turned their funny journey to horror, fear and mystery. He is working in his upcoming movie “The Unknown Identity”.

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