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Flyerbox Australia

FlyerBox offers you several independent services for the creation of your flyers.

  • Taking photos of your establishment, products, services, work sites, etc.
  • The layout and photo retouching
  • Quality printing
  • Distribution all-boxes

Not only do you save precious time because you only have one contact, but ACTIVEWEB also offers you low-cost printing and delivery of your printed matter to your establishment in Belgium or to our office for all-box distribution.

The all-box distribution of your prints in Brussels at the best prices

Distribution of all flyers boxes, determine with great precision the distribution zones, at street, district or commune level. We distribute all-boxes of printed matter (flyers, leaflets, prospectuses, leaflets, samples, etc.) in all of the surroundings. You have the possibility of precisely targeting your next marketing operations in Brussels and its periphery. Together we determine the best areas for the distribution of your printed matter (municipalities, districts, streets).

Professional and responsive website creation

FlyerBox designs clear and structured professional websites that are easy to navigate, the pages of the sites are optimized for referencing in search engines. Our websites are also responsive, that is to say able to adapt on the fly to the size of the screen of a desktop computer, a tablet, a Smartphone. Whether for a showcase site that presents your business or an e-commerce site to sell your products or services online, Flyer Box will meet your requirements. Our showcase site offer is perfectly suited for companies, artisans and liberal professions who want a professional website.

Flyer Box is the absolute expert in all-box distribution of all kinds of leaflets, flyers, samples and catalogs at the best price on the market. Find out how your advertising communication will become an unequaled success thanks to tailor-made distribution according to your requests. A coupon, a sample of your product, a leaflet with new promotions, the more you inform your customers of your range of products and your actions, the more they will be present in your store.

We deliver your flyers throughout the suburbs of Perth Metro, ranging from Currambine in the north to Coogee in the south. Flyer Box network spans all regions West Australia. We have divided them into 5,000 sectors, so that you can choose the very specific places where your leaflet will be distributed.

In recent years, Street Marketing (understand Street Marketing) has been talked about. And for good reason, it allows you to hit your target directly at low cost. Correctly mastered, a Street Marketing operation such as the distribution of flyers or prospectuses can become extremely profitable, provided that it is methodical and organized. Access Com ‘gives you today all the advice to distribute a flyer and succeed in a Street Marketing campaign.

In addition to its graphic quality, your flyer must address a clear commercial offer, easy to understand and which encourages purchase. If it is in your interest for passers-by to read your flyer, you have even more interest in them discovering your product or service, and especially buying it! Systematically accompany your flyer distribution campaigns with a promotional offer. The offer must be of limited duration to encourage a quick or even immediate purchase.

Your message, like your promotional offer, must be clear and easy to understand. In a reading, the passer-by must understand who you are, what you are selling, but especially what he can benefit from with your flyer. If the appearance of the flyer must be exemplary, so must the appearance of the flyer distributor! It is not just a question of distributing a flyer, but above all to offer a pleasant image and to encourage passers-by to collect your flyers. For that, you must naturally be smiling and pleasant, but not only!

To be successful in distributing flyers, it is better for distributors to be recognizable and stand out in the street. For this, they can wear the colors of the company, thanks to personalized T-shirts or goodies, or even a disguise! Anything that will allow the distributor to stand out will be good to take. Thus, in recent years, the Segway has been heavily used in Street Marketing campaigns.

Another objective: to stand out from the canvassers. Avoid carrying a pen and a notepad, because passers-by should immediately understand that you are simply offering them a flyer, not that you are going to try to sell them a product or have them fill out a questionnaire. Finally, do not hesitate to give passersby a “hello” and explain to them all the advantages they will have thanks to your flyer.

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