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Who is Ale Stef?

Alexandra Stepanchuk is a known professionally as Ale Stef originally from Moscow, Russia. Ale Stef is world traveler, social media personality, entrepreneur and founder of She opened her heart out in an exclusive interview with Zobuz.

“I was very quiet child until i finished high school. Once I approached the new world of show business it transformed me and my expectations about entertainment industry: glamorous parties, red carpets, fashion shows, famous and rich people, and no way back. Those early days of my career were filled with wildness and dangers, but they are still the most fun days I can remember,”

How was your Childhood?

She expressed herself with delight when asked about childhood. When I was young I painted a lot that’s why I became very talented in fashion as model and designer. I was very skinny angel with blond hair and blue eyes and I had known idea what’s going on. I was not like everyone else. The most arrogant kids from school called me “Stretch”, threw my notebooks into the toilet and hated me. One of the teachers always told those mean kids – you fool! With her body type she will definitely become a fashion model while you think. This teacher was right, that’s exactly what happened! I always felt that school was not that place for me. I was too unique and independent to be put in a box. So I was happy when I finished school and never come back.

How you came to fashion?

At the age of 16 I started to be interested in fashion. One woman from an Agency that does TV Commercials recommended to me that I should try becoming a fashion model. It was a completely new world to me. So I created my first portfolio and started my model journey. I was passionate for fashion and I did this job quite well. It was a very interesting time for me. I didn’t stick around just to fashion shows and photoshoots i combined my journey with TV shows and commercials, and worked as booking agent surrounded by celebrities. It was unexpected to meet and be shoulder to shoulder with celebrities like Natalia Vodianova, Diane von Furstenberg, Stefano Ricci, Alla Dovlatova, Justin Bieber, Evelina Bledans, Ksenia Sobchak, Kristina Orbakaite, Dima Bilan, Vadim Kazachenko, and Sergey Zhukov. This list goes on and on. Because of fashion i met people like Jimmy Baldinini, Domenico Vacca, Vladimir Kush, Stefano Ricci, Tyga, etc. I was amazed by their hard work and success.I’m so thankful for this experience and it was easy transformation from fashion model to designer.

Life in USA

A big inspiration for my first fashion collection was my first trip to USA. I went all away from NYC to Hawaii with a stop by Las Vegas. In the beginning of 2014,

I formed my own fashion brand Ale Stef, presenting my fashion collection in Moscow Fashion Week, the Textile Fashion Show in Riga, Latvia, and other occasions. Then I shifted to New York in December 2015. My journey began in USA when i moved to New York in December 2015. One year later i presented my Spring/Summer leather collection for Adrian Alicea at New York’s Fashion Week. Then i decided to take a break in my career and traveled around the United States in Europe all year long. After that i moved to Malibu, California and was into my social media projects. Currently Miami Beach is my home when I’m not traveling.

What is Your Goal?

My goal is always to make things happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s business or hobby. I was driven to visit almost 35 countries in last 6 years and I’m looking forward to new upcoming adventures in Australia, Japan, Tanzania and Philippines. Another purpose I have is to end the ocean plastic crisis and tell more people about it.

Current plans

In this moment I’m developing my new Social Media project called Ale Stef Agency. For me social media is not just viewing stories, photos and comments. I see Social media as a young marketing channel that’s always on the move and can empower people to pursue their own dreams and businesses. It is now impossible to imagine everyday life without it. Our Social Media Agency offers the opportunity to get in touch with your target audience, increase brand awareness, and listen to and engage with the customers. By actively participating you give your company a face and make your communication more personal. Social media is about being in constant contact with your customers and of course expanding your network. We help people and businesses grow and that’s very rewarding.

Plastic Free Oceans

I’m supporting a nonprofit organization called that is working to eliminate plastic in the ocean. About 8 million tons of plastic end up at sea every year. Basically that’s like every minute of every day a garbage truck pours all its contents into the water. According to the latest data published by the United Nations, this causes damage in the marine ecosystem equal to at least 8 billion dollars (about 7.1 billion Euros). So for the seas it is a red alert. And the issue takes on even bigger importance when we think about the role of the ocean in regulating the climate.

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