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Israel is known as a land of scenic beauty, diverse cultures, and warm weather. Today, moving to Israel has become a seemingly commonplace phenomenon, considering the large number of Jews who have migrated back to their home country. If you know a thing or two about Israel, you might have also come across the term “Aliyah” and its importance in Israeli culture. 

What Is Aliyah?   

Aliyah, in layman terms, refers to “homecoming by Jews to Israel.” It is a Hebrew word which means “to ascend”, therefore “to make Aliyah to Israel” means to move to Israel and eventually become an Israeli citizen. The term is used to describe the immigration of Jews from the diaspora to the land of Israel. 

Aliyah is an integral part of the Jewish culture and a fundamental element of Zionism. It grants any Jew (adjudged as such by the Israeli secular law) and eligible non-Jews (child/grandchild of a Jew, spouse of a Jew, etc.) the legal right to aided settlement and immigration in Israel, along with Israeli citizenship. 

For many Jews, Aliyah stands as a symbol of religious and cultural significance; a sense of identity that binds them to their motherland/heritage. An individual who makes Aliyah to Israel is known as an “oleh”. 

Additionally, Israel also has a national holiday known as Yom HaAliyah or Aliyah Day, an event that serves as a reminder that Aliyah is a core precept of the State of Israel. 

What Do You Need To Make Aliyah To Israel? 

An individual who wants to make Aliyah to Israel will require the following civil documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Birth Certificate 
  3. Marital Status Certificate
  4. Proof of Judaism   
  5. Supporting Statement
  6. Official Passport Pictures
  7. Photographs of family members making Aliyah
  8. Waiver of Confidentiality (one for each family)
  9. Health Declaration Form
  10. Letter of Recommendation (Preferably from a community leader verifying your contribution to your community, character, and reasons for making Aliyah)

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