Are You Worried About Taking Care Of Your New Straw Hat? Here’s What You Need To Know

Are You Worried About Taking Care Of Your New Straw Hat?

Hats are a “cool” accessory that has made a comeback in recent years. People are more prone to use it as a style statement than for its usefulness. But in the summer months, donning a look with a hat becomes uncomfortable for many. So, straw as a material began to be used for making the various hat styles. They became light-weighted and breathable, which made them the most go-to option for summer hat buyers (for both men and women). A milliner didn’t have to compromise with the shape, size, or features of the hats while using straw as a material to make them.  

When you spend your hard-earned money to buy a desirable object, you would surely like it to last long. For that, you need to take care of those things. A straw hat is very delicate and needs extra care and maintenance to prevent it from getting discolored or frayed and looking old too soon. Read on to know more about how to do so. 

Maintenance Tips for your Straw Hat

  • Avoid water at all cost

Straw hats work fine on sunny days, but they are not meant to deal with rainy days. If it gets wet, then there are chances that your hat might swell. That may lead to losing its shape, and in an extreme case, it may also rot. So, it’s best to avoid water to prevent undesirable consequences. 

  • Hold it accurately every time you use it

You might be a regular hat user. But recently, you might have noticed that your straw hat is losing shape. It may be due to the way you handle it. Every time you hold your hat, it’s best to do so by its wings. While putting it on, if you pinch the crown or take it by the front, it may lead the straw to break in due course of time. 

If you observe any crease or marks on your hat, you can use an iron to flatten it out. But before performing such an action, make sure to read the instructions. Check whether you can iron it or not. To be extra careful, set the temperature in the lowest setting to avoid any unwanted damage. 

  • Place it aptly

While taking off the hat and placing it on a surface, people often make the brim rest on it. Doing so can lead to bowing of the front and back of the hat. However, if you place the hat upside down, you can avoid such a problem. 

  • Select a cool and dry place to store your hats  

Be it the mens straw fedora or Panama hats, you must keep them all in a cool and dry place. It is recommended because extreme heat will dry out the fiber. That may give them a frayed look. Aim to keep them on the top shelf of a dark cabinet or hang them on a hook. Avoid keeping them in damp places as it may lead to mold formation, or even the hat may rot. Also, keep in mind not to use plastic bags to store them as there’s a high chance of mildew growth taking place. 

  • Cleaning your straw hat

After your long day of wearing a hat, you must wipe them with a damp tissue or a cloth. It will help you to remove the dust that it might have collected throughout the day. If you prefer using fabric, it’s advisable to use a white cloth. It will prevent any transfer of color. 

Another preferable option to remove the dirt off your hat is to use a soft-bristled brush. It will also help you to brush off pollen, debris, and dust. Brushing your hat at regular intervals will also restrict any discoloration or dirt buildup.

If you find that your hat is very dusty, use a thin net or pantyhose over a vacuum brush. But this should only be done if you find your hat to be very dusty. Gently blow over your hat to extract the accumulated dirt. A word of caution – use the method only when extremely necessary.    

Preventing damage caused by sweat 

Straw hats are meant to be used during hot summer days. So, you may sweat a lot, and unfortunately, it may lead to staining. Using absorbent material (like paper towels) underneath the places that get affected by your sweating, you can prevent any damage caused due to sweating. 

Preventing brittleness

If you observe your hats are turning brittle or stiff, you need to steam them. The best solution for this problem is to carry your straw hat to your bathroom and let it hang there as you take a hot bath. The steam from the shower will help in restoring moisture. It will make it flexible once again. 

Preventing water damages

Rain is unpredictable sometimes. If you get caught in rain, and your hat gets wet, use a blow dryer to dry your hat as soon as you reach home. You can also lay it outside to dry naturally. 


So, that’s what you needed to know about taking care of your straw hats. 

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