Ask Your Movers These Relevant Questions to Get the Best Service

Ask Your Movers These Relevant Questions To Get The Best Service

Relocation is a stressful event, and a person’s possession is valuable. Do not make things even more challenging by hiring a low-quality moving company. Initiate the project of employing movers by asking several questions related to different aspects. Remember that moving is a time-taking and strenuous task. Hence, having the correct professionals by your side will help make the process smooth and stress-free.

What is their Registration Number?

Of all the questions, the first and the essential one is the registration number. If the company does not have a license and required papers, you cannot rely upon their services. Check their website for related information and see whether they are registered or not.

What is the Estimated Cost?

Ask the secure moving company about their rates, calculated as per distance and task. It is not a good sign if the agency offers you a quote based upon cubic feet. The estimate of a company must be about the weight when undertaking the task for long-distance. In a short distance, it can be per hour rate or otherwise. Both these distance-based and hourly rates vary from one company to the other. Hence, you must get the estimate to compare the rates and choose the provider who caters to your requirement.

Do they charge additional fees?

If the company has additional fees, you must know when that applies. There are a few companies that charge extra for specific items if reaching the destination is not easy. To avoid these expenses, you may have to pre-arrange the things and take care of vast commodities when moving the items to a high rise building. Investigate possible obstructions like load restriction and elevator usage so that you don’t have to bear extra charges. Moreover, some companies charge for flight services and long-distance shifts. Discuss all these areas with Three Men & A Truck

beforehand for a smooth relocation.

Do they use subcontractors?

Various large companies subcontract to smaller agencies. If that is the case with your agency, ask for the subcontractor’s details. If the company uses several subcontractors, get a complete list.

Look at additional transfers

For covering a long distance, some companies transfer belongings from one vehicle to another. Additional transfers add to the possibility of loss and damage. When selecting the carrier, keep this point in mind. Moreover, moving during the rainy and winter season requires proper protection. Hence, look for a company that protects your belongings against moisture damage.  If they do not help you with the correct services, look for another option.

Know their insurance policy

You must have every possible information regarding the insurance policy of the company. A company that does not help you with insurance is not a viable option. The weight determines insurance; therefore assessing the value of the commodity is necessary. Standard coverage is enough for covering the cost of damaged items. Henceforth, before settling for one agency, look at their insurance policy in detail.

In addition to this, you must see whether the company provides storage or packaging services. Ensure that you have accurate information regarding their policies and terms. Ask how they label the items and arrange the work accordingly to start with a clear mind.

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