Sun Straw Hat for Men: What Do You Need to Know?

Sun Straw Hat For Men

Men all over the world wear straw sun hats to showcase their fashion statement and stand apart from the crowd. Straw is a lightweight and durable material. This is why the straw sun hats are perfect to protect your head during the hot summer months. 

Nowadays, there are various straw hats available for men that are made of different types of materials, making them extremely versatile and limitless options. 

If you want to read more about the straw hats for men, continue reading the article. After you’re done reading, you will know everything including their effectiveness at protecting your skin from sun damage, different types of straw hats, and their features. 

What are the Straw Hats for Men Made of?

The primary material of the straw hats is synthetic or natural materials that are brimmed and tightly interwoven to protect the wearer from harmful UV rays of the sun. As per Science direct, UV rays can damage your DNA.

The straw hats are available in different styles, and people all over Europe have been wearing straw hats for decades. Despite their usage, the straw hats have never failed to protect one from outdoor elements. 

Straw hats are preferred due to their lightweight and extremely durable feature, thanks to their primary material. Additionally, the straw hats are woven. This means that they have small openings that will enhance air circulation. This air circulation feature will keep your head cool even on the hottest summer days. The hats are also extremely attractive, helping the wearer to showcase their fashion sense. 

Are straw Hats Capable of Protecting You from Sun Rays?

The effectiveness of the straw hats for men is primarily dependent upon the tightness of the weaving as well as the size of the hoes. These will also determine the amount of ray to as through. The straw hats are either extremely effective at protecting your skin from UV rays or very poor. 

Hence, when you choose your straw hats, make sure you hold the hat facing the sun to determine how much sun rays as passing through. Most straw sun hats for men come with a UPF factor. Make sure you purchase a straw hat that has a UPF factor of 50+. They will provide maximum protection from the sun rays. 

The tighter the weave of the straw hats, the less amount of sunlight it will allow to pass through, and the more protection from the sun ray it provides. Finer and tighter weaves determine the efforts to create a hat. Therefore, they will become more expensive than the others. 

Features of the Best Straw Hats

If you’re planning to purchase the best straw hat, make sure they have the following features:

  • Comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Excellent sun protection.
  • Wide brim to protect neck and eye from UV rays.

Different Types of Straw Hats for Men

Straw hats are not only extremely comfortable but are also stylish. When you wear the straw hats at formal events, you can showcase your boldness. Here are the top 3 popular straw hats for men.

The Boater Straw Hat

The boater straw hat is one of the most popular straw hats available in the market. Traditionally, the boater straw hats are formal for the formal events during the summer months. Men also have a calendar day known as the Straw Hat Day when they start to replace their winter hat with the boater straw hat. 

Most high-quality boater mens straw sun hatsare made of stiff straw. The crown and brim of the boater hat are flat. Many boys around Europe wear straw hats as a part of their school uniform. 

Even though the boater straw hats are perfect for men, women can also showcase their fashion appeal using the boater hats. 

Panama Straw Hats

This hat needs no introduction. If you’re planning for a vacation, you should choose the Panama straw hats as they are extremely breathable and comfortable to wear. 

Panama straw hats are perfect for individuals who want to wear linen silk suits. Traditionally, light-colored Toquilla straw is the primary material of the Panama straw hats. The Panama straw hats come with tighter weaves. As they are hard to make, they are expensive than the other straw hats. During your summer vacation days, the Panama straw hats will protect your skin from sunburn while also creating a classy look. 

Fedora Straw Hat

The Panama and fedora straw hats are quite similar. This is why men face confusion while purchasing them. But the primary difference between the Panama and fedora straw hat is their shape. 

Additionally, no other materials but the straw can be used for the Panama hats. However, fedora hats can be made of other types of materials such as felt. The classic fedora hats come in pinched front, low crown, and wide brim. The features make the fedora hats not only stylish but also effective at protecting you from sun damages. What’s more, you can wear fedora hats at both formal and informal events. 


Now that you everything about straw hats for men, it’s time to choose the perfect one as per your requirement. Consider visiting our website to choose from hundreds of straw hats. 

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