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              St. Louis provides the trading highway for most of the nation’s cargo. Most of the times the highways remain littered with semi trucks resulting in accidents occurring frequently on the highway. About 89 severe accidents took place during last year and about 8% of them were reported in Missouri.

                Truck accidents occur more frequently as compared to vehicle accidents this is because the weight of the truck is a lot more as compared to a passenger vehicle. Furthermore, it takes longer to stop a truck as compared to any other vehicle. The FMCSA has issued a few laws for truck drivers so that accidents can be prevented to a maximum. This step has greatly reduced the number of accidents recorded yearly.


              The laws passed by the FMCSA are violated by either the truck drivers themselves or the companies running their service trucks on the road. By breaking these laws they not only put themselves in danger but also other passengers on the road. The use of cell phones, drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited for the drivers while they are on the road. Breaking these laws can result in large fines as well as withdrawal of their issued license. 

                 Specific driving hours are granted to the truck drivers and to record their driving hours on road, a recording device (AOBRD) or an ELD system can be used or maybe they can be handwritten. In this way a record of their driving time remains in the logbooks and in case of accidents, their history regarding safe driving can be checked. Like if any complaints have been filed against them in the past and more. The truck drivers must adhere to the service hours granted to them. 

Missouri trucking accidents occur frequently due to bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow. Overloaded trucks, poor maintenance of the trucks and driving at night followed by careless driving leads to severe accidents.


             To start with, when the accident takes place then immediately call the police unless you have an emergency. The police will provide you with your document regarding the occurrence of the accident. Capture pictures of the accident immediately, this remains as proof with you about the exact happening. If any kind of roadside barriers were hit during the accident, then capture pictures of them too, this is also evidence regarding what might have happened. Try to know more about the people around or maybe those involved and note it down. The next step is knowing who might be held responsible for the accident.

                It can be either the driver himself or maybe the company he works for, lastly it can also be the company who loads the truck and that might have ended up in losing balance and hence resulting in the accident. The driver is to be solely held responsible  for his act but in some cases, the company that runs the truck could be held responsible in case of improper maintenance of the truck. Consulting someone with proper knowledge regarding Truck Accident Attorney Chicago can help you open the case regarding the accident. 

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