Attractive Real Estate Photography

Attractive Real Estate Photography

There is a simple rule: the number of potential buyers is directly proportional to the quality of apartment photos. More beautiful photos in an ad mean more calls, which means a faster and more profitable deal.

In this article, we have collected universal tips on how to take successful photos of an apartment. And even without professional equipment, on an ordinary “soapbox” or smartphone. 

Getting ready to shoot 

Imagine that your apartment is a hotel room, where it should be clean and a minimum of things. This is important not only for aesthetic appeal but also to make the apartment seem more spacious. Therefore, all unnecessary – out of sight: 

Remove things from surfaces; leave only a few interior details: a vase of flowers, a dish of fruit, and a laptop.  If something is laid out: sofa, table, and ironing board – fold it. If it can also be removed from the eyes, remove it. In the kitchen, remove all the dishes and utensils; in the bathroom, remove the jars and tubes from the shelves, and hide the towels and linen. There are toys in the nursery. 

What to shoot? 

The buyer needs to understand the condition and dimensions of the apartment from the photo, as well as the situation in the entrance and the yard: 

Take at least two photos of each room. One photo is enough for the kitchen, bathroom, and other premises. Plus, if you wish, take pictures of the view from the windows or the balcony, the facade of the house, parking lot, and playground.

Shoot general shots. A photo where only a chair or a wall is visible will not help get an idea of the apartment. To better understand the layout, show the transitions from one room to another in the frame.  If the room is empty, put some furniture in it for scale. 


Proper lighting is the key to success for real estate photography. It is best to shoot in the early morning: clean, soft light will add volume and transform even the smallest room. Besides: 

Do not point the camera directly at the window; otherwise, the picture will be dark. Tilt the lens slightly to the side. 

If the sun is shining directly through the window, draw up the tulle. 

Try to turn on all lamps additionally. Take a photo with natural light, then add artificial lighting and choose the best.

If, when shooting with a smartphone, someplace turns out to be too dark, tap this area. The camera will shift focus and readjust the sensitivity.  


Even if you’re not the proud owner of a wide-angle DSLR and tripod, there are a few simple tricks you can take to make your photos look attractive:

Hold your phone or camera horizontally. Try not to “fill up” the frame: focus on the edge of the smartphone or draw an imaginary horizon line. 

Stand in the corner of the room – this is one of the most successful angles. You can also climb onto a stool or stepladder.

To add depth to your photo, choose an angle with subjects in the foreground and middle ground. If necessary, move furniture specifically for the frame. 

If your photos are blurry and don’t have a tripod, just put your camera down or place your smartphone on a flat surface. 

What else?

You can sign the dimensions of the rooms on the photo and even briefly describe the features and benefits, as they do in catalogs. Also, along with a photo, attach a plan of the apartment with all dimensions and an indication of the cardinal points to the announcement. 

Don’t use retouching. An attempt to embellish reality will turn into disappointed expectations, resulting in a refusal to buy or a serious argument for bargaining.

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