9 Ideas for how to look stylish in 2021

9 Ideas For How To Look Stylish In 2021

To dress stylishly and inexpensively, you need to understand who you are. Cheerful and sociable? Closed and rarely visited? Do you like to walk, or are you a homebody? Introvert or extrovert? Do you like to shock the audience, or do you prefer to stay in the shadows? These questions will help you decide on the color and style of your clothing. Write down 10 characteristics of yourself and you’re beloved. Do not rush.

Did you write it down? Now see tips on how to dress to look stylish.

1. Give up things in which you are uncomfortable

Clothes should be an extension of you—a comfortable continuation. Don’t wear an orange dress if you don’t like to attract attention. Throw out tight pants if they are tight. Don’t try to make yourself a woman that you are not – you will never get used to an uncomfortable image. And it will be very conspicuous to others. Like a woman who suddenly decided to wear stiletto heels and now hobbles in them, rubbing calluses on her feet. It looks ridiculous and certainly not stylish. To be stylish, you have to feel stylish. You will never feel this in uncomfortable clothes. 

2. Decide on the style

It is now fashionable to mix different styles and dress eclectically. But this does not mean that the wardrobe should contain items of absolutely all styles. How to dress fashionably and stylishly? Choose 3-4 styles for yourself in which you are comfortable. 

3. Basic wardrobe – what is it for you?

 On the Internet, you will find many universal tips for choosing a basic wardrobe. They are all right and wrong at the same time. It is clear that in every wardrobe there should be blouses, coats, shoes. However, your personality is most important here. For example, many women categorically do not wear skirts or, on the contrary, pants. But when you see the advice of “experts” everywhere, who convincingly say what should be, you buy unnecessary trousers or a skirt, and they hang uselessly in the closet. What for? Approach different advice wisely and buy only what suits you and suits your lifestyle.

The housewife will need more comfortable T-shirts, and the office girl will need more blouses and shirts. People living in cold climates cannot do without coats and fur coats, while hot climates need shorts. And that’s just the base! That is the basis, an incomplete wardrobe.

4. Choose the right color

Color is the first thing that catches your eye. Only then do we pay attention to the cut and style.

Basic clothes should be classic neutral colors: beige, khaki, gray, blue – choose only one color, but things can be of different shades of this color. See which base color suits your color type of appearance: Summer, autumn, winter, And Spring.  

Choose other wardrobe items in any trendy color that complements the basic one. Use modern colors in your look and harmoniously combine them – this is the easiest way to dress inexpensively but fashionably and stylishly. Now in female fashion, either a total look or a complex combination of different colors. The color combination table will help you with this. When choosing, take into account the color of clothes and shoes and the color of manicure and even lipstick. 

5. Wear a blazer or jacket

 A woman’s wardrobe should have a jacket, and preferably three: casual, business, festive. None of the most luxurious haute couture jerseys can replace a good no-name jacket. This indispensable wardrobe item gives a more “expensive” look.

When you need to look expensive and tastefully dressed, always include a jacket or blazer. It will “ennoble” even the cheapest things.

6. Follow fashion to look stylish

Many people think that you cannot follow fashion trends but look amazing. This is not true! When a woman looks out of date, it spoils any image. Of course, there are classic things, but even they change over time.

7. Combine patterns and prints right

The ability to make sets of items with different patterns is the highest skill. Try on different clothes in stores, watch how things fit together, take pictures, study. To begin to replenish a wardrobe, striped things and clothes with polka dots, and then add more complex patterns. As a result, your image will become more effective. Plaid, stripes, floral and abstract prints… 

8. Experiment!

So, I decided on the style, chose the colors, made up the basic wardrobe. Disassemble your closet before going to the store. Do not leave anything until the times “when I lose weight” or “when I pick up a set” – throw away all unnecessary things and make room for new things. New and fashionable things must be added to the remaining things. Do not rush. See what’s hot now, find examples and stylish modern looks. Follow the Internet for fashion bloggers whose style is close to you.

9. Make up a capsule to dress stylishly

Having learned how to choose clothes, it remains to create a capsule wardrobe, adding things and colors. It is important to understand that the capsule is compiled individually, taking weight, height, lifestyle, and preferences into account.

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