Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Video Marketing

Suppose you want to know how to adopt video marketing on social networks and achieve the expectations of Internet users to obtain their opinions and participation. Today we will learn together how to optimize the performance of videos on social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You must ask yourself, what is the need to personalize the content? Why not just upload the video? Especially when a network provides the facility to load them instantly. It must be remembered that each social network has different points from technical aspects such as width-weight and the approaches of the messages. Video production with fewer texts, where people speak from the first to second, will quickly capture the attention of viewers.

  • Growth through digital media

Generally, when searching on Google, most of the video results are directly from Youtube, so the searches must capture the viewers’ attention. Upload videos in any format to Youtube, but make sure they are in HD definition. There is always a debate about the ideal duration of video marketing on social networks, especially on YouTube; According to the time rules, videos of up to 15 minutes can be uploaded. The story changes if the account is verified, where they are longer. Still, the content must be interesting so as not to bore. The latest trend in video marketing is TikTok! Basically, every business is looking to grow its account. They’re following a certain formula of great content and engaging with their audiences. Other businesses are using tricks like buying TikTok followers to get there faster.

  • Video production goals

The ultimate goal of any video is to create a specific response from viewers. The video’s target audience can vary since there are videos with very varied content, which can be from simply learning a recipe to buying a product or having a person attend a certain event. Make sure to correctly define the focus of your video, as well as keep your objective always in the spotlight, front, and center, especially in pre-production, because you don’t want the main theme of your video to be lost or the viewer to receive the wrong message; If this happens, all the effort invested in the video will have been wasted.

Now is the time to produce an outline of your project. In some cases, you have a great idea of ​​what you want the video to be; in other cases, we may be “blank” or without ideas, and it is in these cases that the end-user wants to leave the entire process to the video production company, leaving the creative process aside. This part of the video planning process, in which the main ideas that shape the entire production are defined, can be a task that is more like what an advertising agency does and is an option to hire. one that helps define the focus of the video well, although this can be a more expensive option than doing it yourself. 

Gathering basic information from everyone involved in the project is always the first step. Make sure the production team you choose offers this service and helps you coordinate your goals, image, and style so that they are a priority from the start. 

Video productions will consist of the actual videography (videorecording) and all its parts. How the schedule is organized will play a big role in how well your production flows. Make sure the technical support, sound, and set design teams are one step ahead of the cast and the rest of the production team. It is vital to give them time to set up the scenes to be shot before the actors or director enters the scene so that no one is waiting. This prep time can be used to prepare the final details before starting to shoot: if you have actors, do makeups, among other details, and for the director to do some last-minute readings with the cast.

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