Tips to share files in the cloud safely

Tips to share files in the cloud safely

Cloud services are being imposed as an alternative to facilities and local programs because they are much simpler management systems, which can be accessed from any place and device with an Internet connection, and trends also tell us that most computer tools will be used this modality shortly.

One of the most widespread uses of the cloud is secure file sharing. In this way, several users can enter with their credentials in a common account where data and information of different types are stored, from text files to video or images, without using space on the computer’s hard disk and without the risk of losing information.

However, when sharing files in the cloud, a series of factors must be taken into account to guarantee the total security of the process and avoid problems such as loss of information, data theft, or third-party access to content for which is not authorized.

Tips for secure file sharing in the cloud with full protection

So that you can carry out these actions in the safest way possible, we are going to give you a series of keys that you can apply from now on to avoid running any danger:

  • Use secure platforms, and for this, you should inform yourself and read the opinions of other users. Dropbox, SkyDrive, or Google Drive are the best known and the ones with the best ratings, but you should always choose based on your needs and the use that you will give it for your company. In addition, in this case, they have no cost.
  • Create strong passwords: If several of your employees are going to access the platform where the information is hosted, you should create different accounts to enter with their credentials. In addition, you must train your workers in access security, indicating the need for them to create secure passwords and not to communicate them to anyone in their environment. It is also advisable to change them from time to time.
  • Do not share the entire folder with a guest: One of the main characteristics of these services is that they allow you to create different folders and give access to each one to a specific user. You can even share only one file, which prevents you from giving access to all the documents and from being able to use them without being authorized.

Most services created to share files in the cloud have protection systems for users so that you already have a guarantee that your files will be safe. In any case, many of the problems companies suffer lie in the way they use these platforms, so following these tips can be very valuable when it comes to avoiding both problems of loss of information and access by unauthorized people. This type of problem can even cause financial damage, especially if important information on which business processes are developed.

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