Home Improvement – Bathroom

Home Improvement – Bathroom

A bathroom is essential in residential buildings and public spaces such as restaurants, hotels, squares, etc. For this reason, it is important to design a bathroom that has a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. In this bathroom remodeling guide, we have gathered multiple ideas exposed with images of small, large, and medium bathrooms, which will inspire you to remodel yours and achieve a perfect design in your bathroom. These are ideal for bathroom remodeling and a couple of tips in case you want to renovate it. Here at this point, it is important to clarify that remodeling and renovation are different. Renovation is superficial change, and remodeling refers to structural changes.

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  • Steps of your bathroom remodeling

As a first step in remodeling your bathroom, we suggest you start with planning. Although the bathroom remodeling does not involve a construction process from scratch, a partial or total renovation, it is best to plan all the changes. When planning the bathroom, you should consider several aspects:

  • Materials.
  • Room size.
  • Frequency of use.
  • Financial resources are available.
  • Tear down or build new walls.
  • Relocation map of bathroom items.
  • Objects and furniture that will be replaced and their respective substitutes.
  • Location and condition of the facilities for drinking water, electricity, gas, etc.
  • Give a modern style to your bathroom

Before you start the real planning of the bathroom, you should ask yourself what all the needs that it is important that you continue to meet as before or from today to meet them effectively are. For example, how many people do you want your bathroom to serve effectively? Will it be occupied by children or just adults? Is the shower at the right height, or does it need reorientation? If you consciously ask these questions, you will transform your old bathroom into one that will be everything you need.

The bathroom is one of the areas that is sometimes forgotten because it is the most private space, both in houses and in public spaces; For this reason, we suggest that yours, with that renovation that you will do, be the opposite: a space to show off your good taste and personality. Currently, there are increasingly innovative, sophisticated, and elegant bathroom items, and in the decorative field, an extremely interesting gap has opened; just imagine, you can decorate your bathroom with photographs, golden taps, natural flowers, etc.

  • Installing  furniture according to style

The distribution in the remodeling of your small, medium, or large bathroom, you must do based on placing the furniture that is used the most and ending with the one that you useless, so the bathroom will have an efficient remodeling. In this sense, it is convenient that in the remodeling of your bathroom, you have a furniture distribution that begins with the sink, as it is usually used without having to access the other furniture; A bidet would be the next as it is used after the toilet and before hand washing. The toilet would follow and then the shower, and if there is a tub, it would be the last piece of furniture to be placed.

If, in the remodeling, your door is located near public areas such as the kitchen or the dining room, you must ensure that the door does not allow direct visibility towards the toilet. You can use a battery distribution or square; as long as the door opens to the sink or shower. Now, if this idea is not viable, try to place a very good extractor.

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