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Translated from English, the word “gadget” means a device. This category includes small devices that can significantly improve human life. They are used in various fields of activity: at work, in the world of entertainment, in sports, cooking, etc. It is believed that the definition of gadgets includes that which excludes the possibility of autonomous operation. Although recently, this concept has been expanding and covers almost all objects used by a person for his activities. 

Many people confuse the concepts of a gadget and a device. However, these are fundamentally different types of devices. Gadgets are distinguished from devices by their size. The first ones are small, compact. But the latter is large-scale and large devices. For example, a laptop is a device, and a chip tongs is a gadget. Devices are distinguished by more functions, more power (performance). Even though they are quite interesting to use, Gadgets do not have a wide range of features and a simple device. 

  • Categories

Since the 2000s, technical progress began to gain momentum even more. Smartphone’s, tablets, various add-ons, electronic home assistants have flooded the world markets. And now the choice of devices is great. All gadgets that a person uses can be conditionally divided into several categories:

The present invention refers to a process for the manufacture of kitchen utensils and the utensil obtained, which is of the type comprising a container with a bottom and walls of a heat-conducting material, an element or plate being integrated into said bottom made of a ferromagnetic material, such as stainless steel, especially suitable for induction cookers. There are also too many gadgets like apron, blender, bottle, chipsticks, hotpot, jar, jug, juicer, kettle, etc., which are commonly used in our daily routine. 

  • Descriptions of Chipsticks

Chips tongs are consist of two set clips in and each clip measured from 5 to 8 inches long, which is easy to hold; it helps to make picking up food easy just work like a chopsticks, keep your fingers neat and clean and oil-free while eating your favorite food or snack, its works same like a chopsticks. Still, it is easy to use and handle and can be used for chips, salad, bread, potato, etc. Mostly it comes in colorful ice tongs made of quality stainless steel with silicone heads, durable for a long time. 

  • Descriptions of kitchen 

The way for the manufacture of kitchen and its utensil obtained. Kitchen utensils such as pots and pans are known in which two different materials are used to obtain advantages over utensils made of only one metal. Indeed, aluminum is a light material and a good conductor of heat, which is why it is usually used as a heat-diffusing base; however, it is a material with poor performance in induction cookers as it is not ferromagnetic.

It is common to have pots and pans built with a diffuser bottom that includes a heat diffusing aluminum block and a ferromagnetic stainless steel plate; either of the two elements can be extended to generate the side walls.

The process for manufacturing kitchen utensils and utensils obtained from the present invention comprises a series of technical features that allow higher quality manufacturing and obtaining a more durable product. Indeed, in the manufacturing process, a kitchen utensil is obtained, such as a pot or a frying pan, whose walls and bottom are made of aluminum, with a ferromagnetic stainless steel plate on the bottom. The method comprises the placement of risers or spacer elements inside the casting mold of the kitchen utensil.

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