Australian Lotteries: Tickets to a New Life

Australian Lotteries

Australians are Lottery enthusiasts. Many lottery games are common in the country.  Some of the popular games are presented by the Tatts Group but in different names like Saturday Lotto, Keno Lotto, Gold Lotto, Oz Lotto, and Powerball in Australia. Australian Lotteries are very popular compared to other Jackpots and Lottery shows operated in other countries. American Lotteries include taxes for the lucky draw winners whereas Australian Lotteries do not charge any form or taxes on the winners. Though people all around engage in lotteries for entertainment, it is not as popular as it is in Australia. Australian lottery prizes are lofty to other lottery organizers. Other Lottery programs offer only fixed Prize money, but Australian Lotteries do not preach that.

Powerball in Australia

The lottery has existed and survived all the odds. The game has upgraded accordingly to attract more traffic. The number of prize divisions has also increased so that people believe that winning is also high. The Powerball in Australia that takes place these days started in 2018. The prize money for a standard ticket is about 3 Million Dollars. Some occasional Jackpot draws range up to 100 Million Dollars. People about 18 and older can play this game, but in Western Australia, the age limit is 16. Powerball is regularly drawn on Thursday nights, and all the entries are closed by 7.30 P.M. AEST.

Play to Win

In Powerball, there are nine prize divisions. An entry will cost 2 dollars. The participant should choose seven winning numbers from 1 to 35 and one Powerball number from 1 to 20 numbers during the entry. With the standard ticket, people can select ‘Quick Pick’ with randomly generated numbers. Other entries increase the odds of winning. The Power hit entry guarantees the Powerball number and other entries are System entry, Pick entry, Syndicate entry. On the day of the draw, winning numbers are picked from one barrel and Powerball number from another barrel. Respective winners get prizes based on the prize divisions. The results will be published by 9 P.M. AEST on all online sites

, Lott app, and even aired Live.


  • All the 7 winning numbers and the power ball number should match in Division 1.
  • The 7 winning numbers should match in Division 2.
  • Any 6 winning numbers and the Powerball number should match in Division 3.
  • Any 6 winning numbers should match in Division 4.
  • Any 5 winning numbers and Powerball number should match in Division 5.
  • Any 4 winning numbers and Powerball number should match in Division 6.
  • Any 5 winning numbers and Powerball number should match in division 7
  • Any 3 winning numbers and Powerball number should match in Division 8
  • Any 2 winning numbers and Powerball number should match in Division 9

Increase the Odds of Winning

  • Some people believe making multiple entries will increase the chances of winning.
  • Players may pick other entries like System, Pick up, Power hit, or Syndicate entry.
  • System entries allow one to choose up to 20 numbers.
  • Pick up entry guarantees one or two winning numbers. 
  • Power hit entry offers a sure-shot Powerball number.
  • Syndicate entry has higher rates of winning, where a group of people put their consolidated money, and if they win, they will equally separate the money.
  • Being consistent may make you a pro player Someday.

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