The Most Amazing Series for Gamers

Amazing Series for Gamers

Are you curious about all new games and know everything about the TonyBet promotions? Then you will surely enjoy these 4 TV series.


In Upload, you will see a virtual world where you can relocate the consciousness of a dead person. As in reality, there is a social divide here. You can live in a swanky hotel side by side with celebrities, or end up in a dingy basement with 2 gigabytes of traffic per month.

Nathan gets into the Upload as a result of a car accident, and it seems that you should live high while your relatives pay for you at the other end. Yet, destiny puts everything in its place, and infinity in paradise gives you a chance to reconsider the way you lived.

The Guild

The Guild is the most ancient sitcom about gamers. Its first episode saw the light back in 2007. The plot of the series revolves around Codex. She is an ordinary girl who is full of everyday problems, and she spends her leisure time on a nameless MMORPG and tries to somehow play with her strange guild. Of course, not even a month passes before the guildmates meet in real life and become friends.

The Guild has 6 seasons. Unfortunately, it’s useless to look for the gameplay itself here – the series focuses solely on human gamers. But you can see the following madness: how the Hind American Zabu leads Master Chiefs, beating up popular personalities, how the characters go to game festivals and just deal with all sorts of worldly situations.

The Online Gamer

This is not a story about a humble, quiet gamer. Aaron is 20-something years old, and he has an aggression problem because of video games. As a result, our hero likes to play video games, send people on, and generally lead an antisocial lifestyle. As always, Aaron has many domestic and life problems to deal with.

The series overflows with gamer slang, and the characters often play board and card games like Magic: The Gathering. Occasionally, video game gameplay via streaming is also glimpsed in the frame, but that doesn’t happen in every episode.

Video Game High School

Have you ever wanted to be in a video game high school? Video Game High School is about a world where game creators and players are prominent members of society and where you won’t be looked at as an idiot and told you’re not a jerk just to sit around the computer.

This is the world of the near future and there are special schools for players where they are taught by professionals so that schoolchildren can become professional players themselves. These schools teach the basics and key points of the most popular game genres.

This sitcom is about BrianD and how his fate develops after he ends up at VGHS. This web series is distinguished by good acting, professional directing, camerawork, and composing. In total, the series consists of 3 seasons and 21 episodes and was broadcast from 2012 to 2014 as a web series on the Freddie Wong channel.

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