Beard Oil: How to Choose the Right One?

Beard Oil

Like all men who wear one, having a soft beard is important, even essential. But for that certain gestures must become daily rituals. Clean it regularly, brush it, trim it and moisturize it. It is on this last point that we focus in this article.

Because to hydrate it you will have to provide yourself with an effective beard oil. It is important to underline effective because today, with the explosion of Barbershops, you can find anything and everything. Here is a guide that will allow you to choose your beard oil without making mistakes!

A beard oil: what for?

Before introducing you to the different types of beard oil, it is important to explain the benefits of using a Natural beard oil daily. Indeed, too often barbers and other professionals offer their products without explaining their deep interest. A beard oil is of course used to moisturize the hair, nourish it, but also to restore its strength and good hold, such as argon beard oil, or even jojoba beard oil . Because unlike hair, facial hair is drier and coarser. They are often indomitable if they are not treated. This is why applying a dry beard oil had to be helpful.

A beard oil therefore makes it possible to nourish each hair from the root to the tip and thus regenerate the dead cells that are in the hairs more quickly, especially with a long beard oil . For optimal use of your beard oil, simply rub a few drops in the palm of your hands until the serum heats up slightly. Then run your fingers between the hairs from top to bottom. Then, to make the application very homogeneous and not to forget any hair, use a brush to distribute the product and relax the hairs.

But how to choose your beard oil?

First of all, you should know that with a nourishing beard oil  there are several interests that vary according to the users. Indeed, depending on each person’s hair type, some will seek more to moisturize as we saw above, while others will want to eliminate dry dandruff. Some will simply want to subtly scent their hair and keep it healthy. For each there are different and sometimes complementary products.

To make a good choice there is no rule strictly speaking. That said, the composition of each beard oil should be checked. Indeed, it is preferable to use products made from natural ingredients, such as beard castor oil or beard eucalyptus oil , which will not affect the skin of the face. Because this skin area is more sensitive and the products that will be in contact with it must be adapted. Some bearded men, more original, prefer to apply a liquid found in all kitchens: beard olive oil which will also be beneficial for your fleece.

Some products such as organic beard oil or homemade beard oil  are perfectly suited and will give you satisfaction, but others are also satisfactory. This is the case for example of the very famous OAK beard oil in 30ml format is a must have. An English product whose formulation is enriched with organic grape oil and almond oil for natural hydration. The advantage of this beard oil is that it leaves no greasy film on the surface.

There are also other equally effective brands such as Eden beard oil from USA and Groom beard oil from Canada. It is also preferable to apply your beard essential oil after showering and on dry hair. Why at this precise moment? Because pores and hair follicles are opened by heat and humidity. This allows better absorption of the serum.

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