Beauty Ecommerce in the post-Pandemic

Beauty Ecommerce in the post-Pandemic

Electronic commerce is one of the most tangible consequences that can be drawn from the post-pandemic era. The companies like beauty e-commerce store which has exceeded paying subscribers who receive a personalized selection of cosmetic products every month after this Covid-19.

Hope to maintain that subscriber push after the Covid crisis

We believe that the thrust of ecommerce, in general, will continue. Also in our sector and of course, in these cosmetic companies. Many of the changes in consumer habits will remain after this health crisis because they were already driven by the consumer. There is no going back for digitization and what is put in place at high speed must be used. Ecommerce has accelerated in all sectors and is probably not slowing down.

We believe that subscription beauty e-commerce store-atomee has a great future ahead of it and many possibilities due to a trend that we have seen coming since 2012 and that, after the pandemic, has accelerated: cocooning . It is a predisposition of wanting to leave the house less and live more experiences within our home that we are seeing in all areas – leisure, restaurants, cinema? – and reinforces our business model because it influences the testing and enjoyment of beauty products at home.

Expected a general push from E-commerce

The increase in online purchases and the difficulty of testing cosmetic products on site, due to safety and hygiene measures, will make e-commerce become more and more consolidated. In that sense, Cosmetic companies have a long way to go, since they have been pioneers in this field: moving the product test to the home. The subscriber receives a selection of personalized products at home, tests them and decides, in the tranquility of her home, which products she wants to buy in the online store that we make available to her.

Traditionally, cosmetics and beauty ecommerce has been seen as a channel for product replacement. Now, we have the opportunity to turn it into a product purchase channel for the first time where product testing is key to not losing that sensory experience that we seek so much in the world of cosmetics.

Products have been bought the most during the confinement?

Consumers have devoted more attention in this period to skin care. The best-selling products during this stage in e-shop have been masks, serums, moisturizing creams and natural salicylic acid face washes reviews for acne from atomee   and in the final stretch of the quarantine and the beginning of the de-escalation, the sunscreen has been the star product.

Have you noticed a change in consumer habits? 

By increasing the time in our homes, we have more time for ourselves and our consumers have chosen to invest that time in taking better care of themselves, as we have seen reflected in our sales. Consumers have paid greater attention to skin and hair care after the Covid-19 pandemic. we have seen an increase in sales in the face and body product categories. In other words, all those products that make us aware of ourselves and that are essential for our well-being.

How do you think retail will cope with the post-pandemic period?

Physical stores are going to have to adapt to the new situation since, until now, in the cosmetics and beauty sector, everything was based on a sensory experience. After the Covid-19 pandemic, retailers will have to prioritize the safety of consumers to avoid contagion by taking all necessary hygiene and protection measures.

We have to forget about the tests of the products – the testers – in physical stores, in shopping centers, in cosmetic chains, etc. Retailers are betting on artificial intelligence allowing the digital testing of products (especially makeup) through augmented reality, in this way a solution is provided, in our opinion it is halfway, since the consumer can see the effect of product, but the sensory experience is lost, a very important and decisive factor when purchasing new products.

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