Best Ideas for the First Date on a Rainy Day

First Date on a Rainy Day

When summer ends and the weather becomes unpredictable, it can be very difficult to plan a really romantic date. Don’t let such trifles as bad weather ruin your date together. Here are some ideas to help you create a romantic mood, even when the rain is outside the window.

1. Go to a coffee shop

We know, it’s trite. But it’s cozy. A first date is best spent in a calm, quiet place where you can talk and get to know each other. Delicious coffee, romantic atmosphere, the rain outside the window… This is the best place to fall in love.

2. Joint visit to the spa

This option is more suitable for those couples who have been in a relationship for a long time. Still, even if you are engaged in Ukrainian dating and know each other for several weeks, it will also be interesting for you two. Girls like such dates. After a massage session, sit together with a mask on your face, sipping an aromatic green tea, and discuss your date and feelings.

3. Spend your first date in a car

If you are going on a date and it’s raining, don’t despair, there are plenty of opportunities to use the situation to your advantage. Any city has its own beautiful places. These can be country forests, riverbanks, lakes, panoramic views, etc. You two are in a cozy car, happy and in love, and the rain is pouring so romantically outside the window, and you go to some romantic secluded place…

4. Go to the circus

Surprise your girlfriend and go to the circus. Cotton candy, clowns, acrobats… This is not quite an ordinary first date but fun. Such a date will definitely be remembered with vivid emotions!

5. Stay at home

If you know each other quite well, then you can spend your first date at home. No matter what stage your relationship is, staying at home isn’t a bad option. Why not? In any case, there is something for you to do. Hide from the weather together under a warm blanket on your favorite couch with a bowl of popcorn and relax while watching a romantic movie. And the noise of bad weather will only add coziness and romance.

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You can order home pizza or other snacks, watch a movie, or arrange a romantic evening. You can confess your feelings, kiss for the first time, discuss joint plans, tell a woman about your dreams. Everything is simple!

6. Cook something tasty

Choose a dish that you both want to try and get creative. Even ordinary things like making a shopping list, going to the store, and cooking yourself can become romantic when done together. And food prepared with love will be especially delicious.

7. Play sports

Sport stimulates the production of endorphins, helps keep you in shape, and can be a great option for joint activities that will bring you closer together.

8. Attend workshop

More and more various workshops are getting popular. This can be a workshop on making clay items, drawing, culinary master classes. Now there are a lot of offers in this area, so you just have to choose what will be interesting to both of you and what will be affordable for you. And thus, a small souvenir will remain in the memory of this day.

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