Blaux Portable AC Reviews – Is Blaux Air Conditioner Worth The Hype?

Blaux Portable AC Reviews - Is Blaux Air Conditioner Worth The Hype?

Blaux Portable AC Reviews – Is Blaux Air Conditioner Worth The Hype?

The summer season is in full swing, and with many areas experiencing their highest temperatures, many people are searching for inexpensive cooling devices. The most thought of solution for this purpose is the use of traditional air conditioners. They provide good cooling, but the cost of both energy and money can be extensive. This is why more and more people are switching from this traditional AC to the use of more convenient and portable options. Among these is the Blaux Portable AC. This uses a set of fans to provide users with a convenient and portable cooling companion. This is currently the hottest trending portable air conditioner available online.

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Blaux Portable AC Review – What Is It All About?

The basic idea about this cooling device is that it uses internal fans to pump out cold air. In addition to this, it takes in hot air and thus acts as a way to purify the air. The air conditioner is filled to the brim with features and various settings. Users have the ability to tweak these settings to meet their needs and complete their experience. The product is able to cool down and location and provide users with lasting reprieve.

Despite its small size, it is no stranger to high effectiveness. Users can place this in any dry location, and it will become cool and humid within a few minutes. Much of this is because of the inbuilt functionality that comes with this device. It works as a humidifier in addition to an air conditioner. This aids users in achieving a multi-faceted approach.

When placed in any location, the Blaux Portable AC begins to take in all of the hot air that is causing such distress. In place of that, it sends out cold air that cools the location immensely. Within a few minutes, users are enjoying the breeze and comfort of a truly impeccable AC. This is what makes this product such a stand out option. The product has been the boon of many people who wish to take a more environmentally friendly option this summer. This is largely because it:

  • Takes up less energy to provide a high level of coolness
  • Does not require too much charging to properly function
  • Uses water as its primary methodology of providing coolness 

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Blaux Portable Air Conditioner – Main Features and Functions

One of the main things to note about any product before buying it is the set of functions and features that it comes equipped with. As for this particular product, it is made quite impeccably. In fact, users receive a wide array of features and functions that make it worthwhile. The makers, Blaux, are known for their high quality goods, and this one is no different. Some of the main features it provides are:

High Customizability

This is one of the primary focuses of this product. By giving users the ability to choose the settings in quite a few ways, it makes the experience personalized. Users have the choice to select everything from the speed of the fans, to the directions of the vent. Thus, there is little that can get in the way of an enjoyable experience. 


Another benefit of this product is that it is highly portable. This is the biggest reason that might get someone to buy it. It provides users with a level of portability that is hardly seen in devices like this. 

The small size allows users to easily take it from one place to another within minutes. It can be packed alongside a backpack and taken on the road too. Thus, if one wishes to place it in the office, and bring it back home overnight – they can do so. Charging never takes too long, and is quite accessible too. This makes it a worthwhile consideration for many people.


Another core feature of this product is that it offers unbridled simplicity to its users. Unlike other devices that can get complicated with hard to understand interfaces, this remains straightforward. Despite being such a small device, it essentially has three functions. The first is that of an air conditioner. 

It does this by pumping out cold air. The next is that of an air purifier. By taking in existing hair and pumping out fresh air through its filtration system, it purifies air. Lastly, it acts as a humidifier and provides the dry area more moisture. All of this is done simultaneously, leading to a supremely simplified experience. This is what makes this such a popular choice nowadays. 

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Blaux Portable Air Conditioner Settings and Details 

Some of the main details and settings about this to keep in mind for first-time buyers are:

  • It has 3 settings that allow users to select their ideal cooling temperature and speed.
  • Users can select the way in which the direction of the vents is facing for more optimal air passage.
  • It is charged using a type-C charging cable.
  • The water is filled via a simple hole on the top that is much smoother and effective than having to deal with a refill basin. 
  • It has a noise profile of around 40 db, which is not that loud and quite manageable. 
  • Users are able to run this for about 8 hours, 4.5 hours and 2.5 hours in the first, second and third fastest settings respectively. 

Blaux Portable AC Reviews Verdict

This portable air conditioner offers some advantages that most products of its kind do not provide. These are largely:

  • The inclusion of a number of features despite the low cost.
  • High energy saver and simple out of the box functionality. 
  • Low noise profile, leading to a relaxed and comfortable solution.
  • The reliability of the producer and their past works which act as proof.
  • The high portability and the ability to easily move it from location to another.

Considering these imperative factors, it is hard to Blaux Portable AC as anything other than a recommendation. It is for this reason a must-have for many during this summer. It must be noted that this portable AC is not available on Amazon or at local stores. We recommend that you buy it from the official website only. 

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