How to be a Muscular Woman?

How To Be A Muscular Woman?

How to be a Muscular Woman?

When you are a woman, you are sometimes perceived as less intended for bodybuilding, muscle building, or even dumbbells. However, this is a totally false prejudice, and if there are more women registered in the gym, the fairer sex just as much does the bodybuilding exercises. And yes, beyond cardio training, stretching, or even Pilate’s gym, bodybuilding brings together rich and stimulating values, which everyone will practice according to their desires, goals, motivations, or even their budget.

Whether one is pregnant, not very motivated, or even sedentary, the practice of bodybuilding has the advantage that it can be organized everywhere, and adapt to our particular case. Let’s discover together a few tips to make female bodybuilding in complete relaxation!

The best bodybuilding programs for women!

Bodybuilding training programs are real nuggets for women who want to be accompanied in their sporting endeavor. Indeed, between sports coach, targeted body part, and well defined equipment, each session, each exercise, is thought to suit a maximum of us.

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Everyone will then choose from the slew of online coaching available, between the fit girl of the moment and the personalized application. And among the best female bodybuilding programs, we could mention:

  • Bikini with Sassy, ​​by Sissy Mua
  • The Body Guide Wandertea, by Caroline Receiver,
  • The 30 Days Squat Challenge,
  • Sonia Tlev’s Top Body Challenge,
  • The Bikini Body Guide, by Kayla Itsines,
  • The Fizz up application,

While all these training programs could be similar, with a few details, it may be interesting to list the positive and negative points of each, so as to find their best:

Female bodybuilding programs are therefore legion and provide support that is sometimes necessary and fertile ground for motivation. And who says motivation, says regularity, says progress, then, ready to become the most muscular? Sometimes life brings us happy events, with which we have to successfully reconcile all aspects of our daily lives, such as bodybuilding. And yes, you will understand, when expecting a baby, it is quite possible to practice muscle building, lifting dumbbells, or practicing bench press.

However, we must be well aware that we are not in full possession of our means, that the program must be adapted, so as not to hurt ourselves or our little baby. Indeed, when we are pregnant, our state of health changes, and becomes more and more fragile, which constitutes a brake on certain postures. We will then have to gradually reduce the intensity of the positions, as well as the range of possibilities of the latter. In the first trimester, you will simply have to be careful to gradually reduce the virulence of the movements, and carry the loads more gently.

In the second trimester, it will be decrescendo that we will have to practice bodybuilding. Indeed, while the blood circulation will experience some small potential disorders, the movements too sudden could cause you dizziness or vertigo.

The same goes for the third quarter, where everything should be done in a gentle and measured manner, more than in the second quarter. And yes, being pregnant is not incompatible with bodybuilding; you just have to know how to do it! Thanks to positions like the pelvic floor, the bench press or the rower, it will be possible to continue muscle building, but in a more thoughtful way. Anyway, building bodybuilding while pregnant always requires the advice of a specialist beforehand, think about it!

Our advice to start bodybuilding for women!

Strength training is an activity that is suitable for both men and women. It is nevertheless necessary to know how to practice it well, because each of us has very specific specificities that must be taken into account for each training. For example, while we often say that we are what we eat; food is a great ally for good muscle building, and an effective bulwark against fatigue and demotivation. By combining the right nutrients on our plates, we will be sure to be able to build our gluts and abs effectively.

But to properly complete these abdominal exercises, what do we need to eat? Vitamins, which the vegetables are a reliable source, of course, but also protein, which is found in white meat or legumes. As an indication, for a sporty woman, it is recommended 1.5 to 2g of protein per kilo of body weight to nourish the muscle at best. But that’s not to mention the good fats, which will be the engine of our good shape, and of which we must be aware, without neglecting them. And yes, while we banish pastries, refined sugars and other delicacies, we will however focus on consuming good carbohydrates and good fats. And among them, we find:

  • Vegetable oils,
  • Oilseeds,
  • The lawyer,
  • Oily fish like salmon,
  • The banana,
  • Sweet potato,
  • And many others!

Without forgetting to hydrate, starting female bodybuilding will be simpler and more pleasant. It is also necessary to define specific objectives, which will correspond to specific types of exercises. So, whether you want to lose belly, gain muscle, have a flat stomach or just be fit, the exercises will vary.

Practicing the strengthening of the leggings, the pumps, or the dumbbells, it is fine, but sometimes, there is a lack of time, money to register in the gym, or simply of possibilities to move. Do not panic, it is quite possible to do bodybuilding for women at home. It just requires a few adjustments!

In fact, it is necessary, first of all, to define a training space. Whether it is a room in its own right, a demarcated place, or a place that is ephemeral, everything is conceivable depending on where you live. Between moving the coffee table and transforming the laundry room into a gym, there is only one step. Accessories are also essential supports to start and progress at best in this beautiful discipline that is bodybuilding for women. We will then think of the abdominal wheel which will work the abdominals, just like the dumbbells (for the biceps), the elastic (a base for many exercises), or the floor mat, which will be our initial support for some exercises.

For around fifty euros, we will then have access to all these accessories, the beginner quality of which will satisfy us at the start. If however the motivation is not there, as well as the technique, we can then think of female bodybuilding programs or sports applications. These tools will then allow us to forge a certain technique and positions that we may not have known at the start, without moving from home! Health allies, whose potential should not be overlooked, Between Fizz up, the Wander tea Body Guide, Fit bit, or even 7 minutes workout, there is something for everyone!

By defining a space, creating a storage space, and paying a few euros, we will then have access to a whole section of sports for women. Single, pregnant, couple, civil servant or senior executive, anyone can become muscular at home, motivating right? It is therefore a fact, being a woman and practicing bodybuilding are not at all two opposite terms, quite the contrary. Whether you are pregnant, sedentary, beginner or expert, it is obviously possible to become the one you want, by following a few basic tips.

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