Business Need an App? How to Compare Mobile App Development Companies

Compare Mobile App

Have you always been an “ideas person” but not a technical guru?

Great apps don’t have to start with software engineers. Fashion designers, filmmakers, psychologists, artists, and even chefs can launch popular apps.

App development is a collaborative effort. Million-dollar ideas need experienced developers to turn concepts into products and advertisers to bring apps to market.

There’s no shortage of mobile app development companies, but only one is the best fit for your idea.

Here’s a crash course in comparing the best developers for the job.

Do They Understand Your Audience?

The right mobile app development company offers more than technical experience. They should have a solid understanding of your target market; otherwise, they may design an app that’s inappropriate for your customers’ preferences.

App developers use a host of tools to understand target markets, including market research, beta testing, surveys, usability tests, focus groups, and analytics.

Market Research

Market research is best applied during the conception phase of app development.

Suppose you want to design an app for a specific demographic. In that case, you need a market research report, complete with age, geographical locations, income demographics, gender, professions, household number, and more data.

Market research uncovers shared problems and traits among consumers. Finding solutions to problems is the first step for many app developers.

Uber and Lyft are two powerful examples of the problem-solution development strategy. Both companies understood the consumer need for convenient and affordable transportation alternatives. Likewise, they also capitalized on the driver’s need to generate extra income.

Beta Testing

Beta testing is the standard operating procedure in app development; however, experienced companies beta test at every development stage.

Many developers beta test after the app is built and nearly ready for market. This approach is a huge mistake, causing bugs, security vulnerabilities, typos, and navigation issues to slip through the cracks.

For example, services rely on experienced quality assurance professionals to catch bugs before launch; these testers are experienced in app development languages like .Net and Java.

If you want to test out your app on your target demographic, you could try a usability testing service that connects testers to beta apps.

Gather Quotes from Mobile App Development Companies

First and foremost, you need an experienced and meticulous developer who understands your customer base, but are they worth going over your budget? How much should you pay for a mobile app developer?

Developers price their services by the hour or by the job. However, full job quotes won’t leave room for unexpected costs.

Complete app development can cost anywhere from $20,000 to over $100,000, depending on the difficulty level. A $50 per hour rate may seem affordable, but you may end up paying $40,000 for an app that could’ve cost $20,000.

Compare several job quotes among your top choices, and don’t hesitate to call and talk to a specialist. Many companies offer free consultations; take advantage when you can!

Develop Your Big Idea

The clock is ticking. Launch your big idea before someone else steals your thunder! Follow these tips to find mobile app development companies that can bring your vision to life.

Do you have enough resources to increase app downloads? Check out the blog for the latest tips in app marketing and more.

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