Few Hidden Benefits of Olympic Style Weightlifting

Olympic Style Weightlifting

Many coaches and also athletes have observed that the Olympic style of weightlifting offers certain unique benefits that normal training may not offer. Whether you want to improve your performance or if you want to change the composition of your body and particularly for weightlifters snatches and clean jerks can always be beneficial.

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Let us look at the various benefits that you can get from the Olympic style of weightlifting.

  1. Increases power

Scientifically power means “(Force X Distance)/ Time”, which in simpler terms is your ability to show your strength quickly. Your power during the Olympics will be very high.

  1. Increases ability to jump

Olympic lifts can help by imitating the fast contractions of our bodies that will be needed to make for quick movement and also other weight against gravity.

  1. Increases sprinting speed

Due to the above two benefits, it offers a starting strength that can enable your body and muscles to develop enough force to quickly and effectively propel your body.

  1. Improves composition of your body

Olympic lifts are key exercises in most of the high-intensity workouts since the exercises are very effective in helping the exercisers to burn fat and also build lean muscle.

  1. Improves flexibility

Olympic lifts will not only need exceptional static and dynamic flexibility, but it can also develop such qualities and hence most trainers prefer this style of weight lifting.

  1. Improves core strength

Olympic-style movements will involve plenty of core strength and stability. The core is our foundation for the strength of the entire body. It can help in keeping the body upright and can balance it.

  1. Learn patience and also instant gratification

While participating in the Olympics you develop the patience that you need and also after winning, one can get the instant gratification that keeps the athletes motivated to achieve more.

  1. Systemic neurological adaptations

There are a few interesting possibilities with Olympic-style weightlifting for the nervous system. It can help to build a bigger brain battery without overlapping too much.

  1. Specific work-capacity benefits

The work capacity with Olympic lifting will be less draining as compared to high set powerlifting, even if your loading is similar. There will be less wear and tear afterward.

  1. Rapid bracing skills

To coordinate your body for handling loads without over-recruiting, moving a weight above the head is a great exercise. Most coaches believe that bracing is all about core muscle activation, but in reality, it’s about body coordination.

  1. Diversity of movements

Different exercise options will be great for those who might have to work during injury and challenge athletes and also improve when they will hit plateaus and ceilings

  1. Mastering a grip

Grip training is not the same as learning grips or placing your hands on a bar. During the Olympics, lifts can be a journey to explore technique which is different from exploration, during training.

All these benefits will come after undergoing this training and besides that, there are many other benefits that others will notice on you. 

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