Butterflies Attract For Their Beauty And For Their Wings, Which Look Like Flower Petals 1


It is fascinating to know that, before, in what must seem like another life, they had another body that was worms, caterpillars that crawled without being able to fly.

Always have fascinated me butterflies. Just take a look on social networks, Facebook or Instagram, to be dazzled by the number of shared images of those winged insects: It is clear that I am not the only one…

They attract for their beauty, for the liveliness of their colors, for their wings that look like flower petals, for their elegance when flying, for their freedom. Fascinating to know that, before, in what must seem like another life, they had another body that was worms, caterpillars that crawled without being able to fly. His metamorphosis fascinates and worries, thinking about the death of one appearance to revive another, as if reincarnation was possible even in the same life, as if the same soul could inhabit different bodies.

The butterfly symbolizes the soul of man. The butterfly is a symbol for the spirit that has gained a certain degree of understanding in many cultures: it is no longer a caterpillar, nor should it ever be again, it has experienced an inevitable metamorphose. And she is doomed to loneliness in her new state, surrounded by beings that still crawl while she needs to fly, yet defying laws.Butterflies vary. They don’t know-they don’t care! — Live like everybody else, no matter how much they try to camouflage. Butterflies have wings like birds but they don’t have a shelter, they don’t have a place to come back to. They’re delicate, so you’ll kill them if you hit the dust on their wings. They’re ephemeral and they realize it, and so they’re playing with time.

Although they do manage to overcome it often they attain eternity: they say the soul is immortal, and it has faculties beyond matter. Often they get extraordinary powers, so much so that they seem divine (comparable to “siddhis” in certain mystical ways). That is why, because of their strength, they are “magical” creatures, usually benign, though often grim.


Those with elegant wings in their dance who are flowers lovers and wind couples have secrets hidden within their tiny bodies that they conceal both at night and in daytime. Because of their cold blood butterflies being unable to control body temperature, they can only live in warm places between 28 and 38 o C. For this cause on all continents, except Antarctica, there are more than 24,000 organisms and most of them reside in tropical forest.

They do not fly immediately, once they emerge from the chrysalis, but set their body fluids in motion so that the wings spread. They then wait a couple of hours to get stronger and then continue their journey through the sky. The lifespan of these magnificent insects lasts from two to four weeks, but the monarch butterfly is renowned for its nine months of life. When they come out of their cocoon, there are two simple priorities: feeding and reproducing.

Contrary to what our eyes display, the wings are translucent, the base protein of the insect exoskeleton, shaped by chitin. Consisting of layers as fine as glass, they are filled with scales which mirror light’s different wavelengths much like a prism. The mechanism is so delicate that they can be destroyed for life by a gentle touch. The process of breeding can last from 20 minutes to several hours and the number of eggs varies different species, they can be as high as 500, of which only a few will reach adulthood. About 40 million years ago day butterflies developed from night butterflies and can attain an average speed of 12 km/h.

In short everyone is inspired by the beauty of butterfly and use it everywhere in different fields of life, although in the printings of dresses making of different accessories used in life.

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