Cowhide Leather Handbags: How to Properly Care for Your Investment Piece

Cowhide Leather Handbags

Cowhide Leather Handbags: How to Properly Care for Your Investment Piece

Investment pieces will last you for years. If you just recently bought a cowhide leather handbag, congratulations are definitely in order! These handcrafted leather handbags are a treasure because of their sophisticated style, indubitable functionality, and astounding durability. They are a great accessory to any outfit. Most of all, cowhide leather goods are built to last.

However, as a new owner of this remarkable gem, you must do everything in your power to maintain your handbag to extend its longevity. With proper care and handling, you will be able to enjoy your premium leather bag for decades. Here’s how to get it done. Be mindful of the following tips so you can get your money’s worth out of your new handbag.

Store It Properly

To retain the pristine appearance of your cowhide leather handbag, store it properly when not in use. Put it safely in a cool, dry place so the leather will not crack. It is best to place this inside a cotton dust bag so the air will circulate. If your purchase doesn’t come with a dust cover, an old pillowcase will do. Never keep it in a plastic bag as this prevents the air from circulating. This will kill your bag. For added protection, add silica gel packets to keep out moisture. This ensures your handbag doesn’t get moulds, too.

Keep It Away From the Sun

Cowhide is cow skin. If you slather SPF on your skin for maximum protection, you also need to do this for your bag. Keep it away from too much direct sun contact because this will cause the leather to dry and the colours to fade. Harsh UV rays are not suitable for anyone’s skin, so be vigilant. Make sure that you put your bag in a shady spot when you are in your office or your car.

Be Mindful of Creases 

Don’t fold your handbag because it can be bent out of shape and cause unsightly creases on the surface. Avoid keeping your bag in between heavy items because the weight will cause deformities. When you’re not using your bag

, avoid creasing by stuffing it with air pillows to maintain its form. If you don’t have that, any paper will be sufficient.

Avoid Hanging Needlessly

When not in use, avoid exerting undue pressure on your bag straps and the metal hardware. Do not hang them from doors or hooks. It is best to place them on a table, shelf, or chair. Doing so decreases the tension in these sensitive areas, allowing your straps or bag handles to get a much-deserved break. If you are going to store your bags, tuck the handles inside to protect both the bag and strap from possible scratches.

Do Routine Care and Maintenance

To make sure your bag lasts, you have to keep your bag clean. Brush off dirt, dust, and other debris away from its surface because this may cause undue damage. You need to properly clean and condition your bag to keep it looking new. Conditioning is to ensure that your leather doesn’t become brittle and crack due to dehydration. Don’t forget to polish the metal hardware to keep their glossy sheen.

For regular cowhide, be sure to brush away offending particles gently. Then you can dab a little bit of leather cleaner, then polish off with a leather conditioner. If your bag has hair, lightly brush the piece. If it looks quite unsightly, use a damp cloth to wipe it off. Finally, make sure that everything is dry, or all the leather conditioner has been absorbed before storing your bag in its dust bag. En voila, you can enjoy your handbag for many years.

As most fashion-forward individuals know, a bag isn’t just for carrying your stuff, but it is a fashionable statement that says a lot about your personal style.

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