Can You Save Money Buying Wholesale Diamonds in Carrollton?

Can You Save Money Buying Wholesale Diamonds In Carrollton?

Wholesale diamonds can be the best option if you want to buy diamonds at a more affordable price. They are cheaper but have the same qualities as those in the retail store. Imagine saving 30% to 50% when buying diamonds! So scout the best wholesale diamond dealer in your area and shop for your diamond. Plus when buying wholesale diamonds you have to be knowledgeable about the market value of the diamonds.

Do Diamonds Have Different Prices in Carrollton?

Yes they do, diamonds are affected by different factors such as:


The more colorless the diamonds, the more expensive they are. Diamonds are graded according to how colorless they are, some diamonds have a yellow tint on them that makes their value lower. Diamonds with rare colors such as blue, green, pink, purple, and orange. These are just a few of the colored diamonds that are pricey and rare to find.


The clarity of the diamond is measured by how many inclusions does the diamond has. The lesser inclusions the pricey the diamond would be. Inclusions are small imperfections found within the diamond structure. Too many inclusions can affect the durability and brilliance of the ring. This means lesser inclusions will be ideal for diamonds.


The cut is very important. There is a standard measurement when diamonds are cut according to the shape that is desired. Every shape of diamond comes at different prices. Since diamonds are cut in different ways and some factors can affect the rising of prices.


The diamond’s carats will determine the price for each price of diamond that is equivalent to a certain price. You can check the diamond market to know the average price for each carat.


UV light is used to check how the diamond reacts to it. The reaction will determine its price if it can be priced higher or lower. Diamonds with faint fluorescence can be priced higher.


The symmetry of the diamond is the number of facets found on the diamond. A perfect diamond should have 58 facets. The facets found on the diamonds can enhance the appearance of the diamonds so lesser facets can make the diamond’s appearance negative.


The girdle is the part of the diamond that is found between the pavilion and crown. Thin girdles can affect the durability of the diamonds making them prone to chipping while thick girdles make the diamond appear smaller. The ideal girdle is medium thickness.


The culet is the pointed tip of the diamond. It is at the point of culet that the angels of the pavilion meet. This prevents the light from escaping therefore making the brilliance of the diamonds shine brighter.


Diamonds should be evaluated by legit evaluators such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS). The attributes of the diamonds being noted on the certificate given by this institute will determine the rocking of the diamond.

Are Wholesale Diamonds Cheaper?

Yes they are,  here are the reasons why:

No Middlemen

 Since they get their supplies directly from the source there are no middlemen. Lesser middlemen mean lesser markups since the diamond dealer and the source deal directly.

Lesser Operational Expense

Wholesale diamond sellers have enough customers so they don’t need to advertise their products just like what retail stores do. Advertising expenses are added to the cost of diamonds being sold. Every expense used in promoting the selling of diamonds is added to the cost of the diamonds. That’s why every time they advertise their prices increase. This is the common difference between retail and wholesale diamonds.

So for the question: Can you save money buying wholesale diamonds? The answer will be yes. The reasons have been pointed out and you can use this as your guide when you plan to get diamonds. Even before shopping, it will be a wise move to be prepared e and be knowledgeable about the pricing of the diamonds as well as be familiar with the factors that affect the pricing of the diamonds. In this way, you can be prepared with your budget as well as allot enough time to look for the best wholesale diamond dealer to deal with.

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