Cards Against Star Wars: Taking Star Wars Fans out of this World

Star Wars

We know if you’re a true party animal, you have played the famous party game, Cards Against Humanity. However, if you are a die-hard fan of Star Wars and you love Cards Against Humanity, we have great news for you. A special, new but unofficial version of this card game has arrived from outer space just for you! Yes! You can now play a brand new party game called Cards Against Star Wars.

We know you are eager to get your hands on the Star Wars Cards Against Humanity game. It is designed for all the crazy Star Wars fans who want to travel to the dark side and fight against the rebels. Just as good as the actual card game, this one brings a new Star Wars twist with all characters and scenarios from the Star Wars seasons. Get ready to have fun game nights filled with giggling and surprises.

The party game has two decks of cards. From 750 cards, 250 are black, and 500 are white, with references to all your favorite characters and rude jokes. You can have an adventurous game from 30 to 90 minutes with a group of friends ranging from 4 to 20 people. But we must warn you; some jokes might offend others, so choose your partners carefully. It is made for players older than 17 years, especially those who have a dark sense of humor.

All your beloved characters, including Landos, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin, R2D2, and Princess Leia, are going to be roasted with rude yet hilarious jokes. You will roll yourself to another dimension when laughing out with your friends.

Cards Against Star Wars: Taking Star Wars Fans Out Of This World 1
Cards Against Star Wars: Taking Star Wars Fans Out Of This World 4

Let us give you some mind-boggling teasers of what to expect from the party game. We’ll let you run your thoughts wild and come up with possible responses to “How to be a Jedi 101:” and “After blowing up the Death Star, the Rebels celebrated with…?”. Can you think of a funny reply to the card saying, “Boba Fett kept a collection of __ in slaves”?  We’ll give you some sneak peeks from the white card deck as well. Go ahead and think of any questions for which these will be an appropriate yet hilarious response: “Exposing yourself in front of a school of Jedi younglings,” “Throwing Yoda around like a puppet,” and “Darth Maul’s bedroom eyes.”

We know you want to travel to the galaxy far away, so gather all your Star Wars buddies and join hands to make your beloved Star Wars much more interesting and funny. Cards Against Star Wars is filled with dark humor that will make you want to keep playing even after the game ends.

So don’t think anymore and get yourself the best party game in the galaxy. Be ready to be surprised and crack up to the jokes you’re about to hear. Visit the official website here and order the Cards Against Star Wars. Reminisce your favorite Star Wars memories with the completely new and entertaining Cards Against Star Wars.

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